Will you handle the payment case online? EPU - electronic writ proceedings


E-court is an online platform available since 2010 to conduct cases for payment. Thanks to it, it is possible to conduct an electronic writ of payment, EPU for short, which does not require evidentiary proceedings. Its task is to speed up proceedings in unquestionable cases, such as in the case of failure to pay the electricity bill. Check when you will consider the payment case online.

How will you handle the payment case online

A mental shortcut is the concept of dealing with the matter online by ourselves. In uncomplicated and uncomplicated matters, it is possible to initiate electronic writ proceedings upon request. However, it is the court that examines / hears this application. It may also be examined by court referendaries.


The court hearing cases in EPU is the Lublin-West District Court in Lublin (e-court).

Entering a letter into the e-court system is tantamount to submitting a letter to the court.

In order to be able to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Electronic Writing Procedure, it is necessary to obtain a certificate that will be used for electronic signature in situations that will require the signing of claims and pleadings.

Users can use an ordinary electronic signature, which they can generate for free on the EPU website. Please note that you must do this before creating an account, and then complete an application for a certificate that will be valid for one year.

The second form of signature is a secure electronic signature (obtained earlier from one of the certifying companies), which is verified by a valid qualified certificate. You can use it immediately after creating an account.

After obtaining the certificate with which you can create an electronic signature, proceed to creating an account. Before registration, users must prepare to complete such data as: name and surname, PESEL number, identity card number, place of birth, correspondence address and e-mail address. After logging in at www.e-sad.gov.pl, select the "Register an account" tab, then "basic account", and then follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

To delete your account, you must submit a written application with a double-sided photocopy of your ID card to the following address: District Court Lublin-West in Lublin, VI Civil Department, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 78, 20-076 Lublin.

E-court opportunities

So the EPU for the defendants

If you receive a request for payment, you can use e-court to:

  1. Pay the claimant the amount indicated in the order for payment;

  2. File an objection within 2 weeks - then the order for payment will expire and will not have any legal effects. The case will be transferred from the e-court to the court in which the defendant is domiciled and will be heard in other proceedings. The objection does not need to be justified or attached to any evidence. It is enough to mark the order for payment against which the objection is being lodged and clearly express your will to challenge the effectiveness of the order.

EPU for reasons

A petition in the EPU may be filed by a natural person who is the plaintiff or acting on his behalf - attorney, statutory representative, representative person who has an account on the e-court portal and a certificate that authorizes the use of a secure signature.

The plaintiff, when submitting the claim to the EPU, declares the electronic form of communication with the court. After the order issued in the EPU becomes final, the enforcement clause is issued ex officio. Using the EPU, the claimant can submit an application for enforcement to a selected bailiff based on an electronic enforcement order.

Advantages of using e-court services

Thanks to the use of e-court, we can speed up and simplify the procedure, incur lower court costs than in the case of handling a case in the traditional way, we receive a payment order in a shorter time. In addition, all documents are sent electronically, which allows you to avoid problems related to, for example, lost parcels.