Proven games for an evening with friends

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A movie night or just sitting at a table with friends at one time can be weary. What to do to avoid routine in meetings with friends? When we were younger, games like cards, board games and video reigned supreme in social gatherings. Why not come back to it? It turns out that the offer of games is huge. We can bet on more intelligent gameplay or a lot of fun in arcade games. A game like this will turn every game into a fun and laughable competition. Explore games for an evening out with friends!

Games for the evening with friends that will test your intelligence

We will start with games that require the greatest concentration from players. If you like all kinds of quizzes or game shows, and you have all the dates and names in your head, you will surely like these games.

iKnow. 2.5 thousand questions in four categories - World, People, History, and Culture. In each turn, one player reads the question and the rest bets whether he will answer one, two or three hints. When the players place their pawns in their correct positions, they bet again. This time it is which player will answer right and which will be wrong. The person holding the question card reads each hint one by one and the others respond. Interestingly, even if we answer wrong, we can score a point for guessing our teammates' answers correctly. In iKnow, it is not just knowledge that counts, but knowledge of the competences of your colleagues.

Buzz. A game for PlayStation console owners. This is a real game show. There are a lot of categories to choose from, from music to politics - there are 5,000 questions. Each participant (there can be a maximum of 8) receives a special buzzer, i.e. a remote control with four colored buttons corresponding to the next answers. In each round, the person with the lowest number of points chooses a category, the questions are quite difficult, but any embarrassment can be blamed on pressing the wrong button.

Arcade games - a short ball, that is, reflexes count

Quick rounds and short replies. These are games for an evening with friends for those who are not particularly patient and do not like to wait half an evening for the action to unfold. Here, the most important thing is reflex and neat association of facts.

Who am I? Everyone who watched the movie can know the game Inglourious Basterds. Everyone writes the name and surname of a famous actor, singer, movie or book hero on a small piece of paper and passes it on to the person sitting next to it. She sticks it on her forehead without looking, so that other players won't have any problems with reading it. And the game begins! One by one, each person asks a question about their character in such a way that it can be answered "yes" or "no". If the answer is yes, the player can ask another question, if it is negative - the queue goes on. Lots of laughs guaranteed!

Law of the Jungle. Attention, it can be brutal! The game is about intercepting the scepter that we put in the middle of the table we are sitting at. Each player is dealt a certain number of cards and all of them lay one on the table at a time so that the other players can see it clearly. If two of the same cards appear on the table, their owners rush for the scepter. The one who catches them gives his cards to the loser first. As the game manual says, there are no rules in the fight for the scepter.

Games for a sense of rhythm, that is, we dance and sing

How about a little exercise? Check who in your group has the best sense of rhythm. And if your drums hold out, you can also check who sings best.

DanceStar Party. The game is available for PlayStation, you can find similar games on Xbox, such as Just Dance. We choose from dozens of the biggest hits. You can play in several modes, such as competition or dance partners. We repeat what the dancer does on the TV, and the more accurately and smoothly we do it, the more points we get. After the round is over, we can watch the movie recorded by the console camera. What's more, the video can be shared on social networks.

Sing Star. The game is available for PlayStation, Xbox and computer. A real fun for people confident of their talent. Each song is sung by two people or teams at once. Those who sang more purely win. The game shows on an ongoing basis when we should pull the hills and when to sing, e.g. slower. It will be fun and loud, so better not play this game too late.

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Games - classics. Old but good

The old saying goes, people have the best fun doing what they already know. It works well in many cases, it will also work here. If we do not know if our entire pack will like a particular game, we can bet on certainty.

Eurobusiness. Who didn't have this game in childhood? A lot of money and a fight for the most beautiful cities in Europe. Everyone knows that buying Athens is not completely worthwhile, but Vienna is a completely different conversation. The game takes off slowly, but has been the number one board game for many years. The more properties purchased, the more and more the atmosphere at the table becomes denser.

Scrabble. Solving crosswords finally pays off. Apparently the worst game to play Scrabble with Polish students. Each player draws 7 letters and hides them behind a small screen. Then each of their letters arranges the word so that it intersects with the opponent's word. The longest ones and those containing Polish letters are scored the highest, however, there are rounds when only "do", "after" and "after" appear on the board.

Puns. The game is as old as the world. All you need is a piece of paper and a felt-tip pen, and that's not necessary. We show or draw the title of a movie or book, and our companions must guess as quickly as possible. Sometimes even the most banal titles turn out to be the most difficult to show or draw.