Ways to Control Your Anger - How Can You Fight Your Anger?

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Mastering your anger - screaming and outbursts of aggression

It is often not easy to control your anger. After all, the accumulated anger can lead to an explosion. However, it is worth remembering that even if a situation or person brings us to the end of our endurance, screaming or aggression will not fix anything and will not change anything - quite the opposite. Check how to deal with anger and avoid unpleasant situations!

Effective methods to control your anger

Anger can be fought very effectively. There are many ways to control your anger, we cannot indicate the most effective one, but it is worth trying a few and choosing the one that is best for you.

  • Physical activity

Nothing helps better than physical activity. Effort, movement, sweat and fatigue make all bad emotions stay behind us. What's the best? It all depends only on us. We can start training boxing, jogging or even dancing at home until we are out of breath. The problem arises when, in a moment of anger, we find ourselves in a place where it is difficult to shut up in a room and jump or go to training, for example at work. If possible, it is worth leaving the building and taking a short but quick walk. If, however, being active is not an option, let's try other ways to contain your anger.

  • Paper and pen

Do you feel your anger taking control of you? Before you go talk to someone who is causing this condition and you explode, take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down what upset you and why. It is not uncommon just to put your thoughts on paper to help reduce emotions. A good way is also to grab a card and throw it into the trash. Perhaps after writing and reading, you will find that the reason is a bit more trivial than we thought.

  • Deep breath

Just a few deep breaths can be very helpful in controlling your anger. Sit down, repeat to yourself that it's going to be okay or that it's really worth calming down at this point, and breathe. Turn off, close your eyes, try to forget about the world around you for a moment. A few deep breaths can really help you.

  • Relaxing music)

Music is another great way to control your anger. For some it will be calm, relaxing melodies, for others heavy sounds. It all depends on your preferences and if the sound of the river does not have a soothing effect on you, such as a favorite death metal band song - choose the second option. Turn on the music, put on your headphones and think about nothing else but the melody flowing straight into your ears.

  • Stop for a moment

In a moment of great anger, just stop. Sit down, think about what has upset you and is it really worth it. Think if another solution to the problem is possible, maybe initially emotions take over and any rational answers flies away.

  • Be nice

As hard as it can be, be nice even if you don't want to. Smile, try to be understanding, don't shout, don't take it out on someone else who's really to blame. In addition to making other people feel better, you will also feel better yourself.

  • Time just for yourself

It's worth finding time just for yourself. Read, take a long bath, lie down and look at the ceiling, relax and rest. This moment can make it harder to upset you.

  • Anti-stress ball

A small ball that we can squeeze in any stressful situation can really help us. Although such a small, inconspicuous sponge object seems unnecessary stupidity, it is not. When you are angry, try to pick up the ball - you will see that such inconspicuous activity is a really good way to control your anger.

  • Conversation with loved ones

You are bad? Another way to control your anger is to call someone you love and tell them about what happened. Perhaps she will be able to look at the matter objectively and you will realize that your anger is not needed at all.

On the one hand, we often hear that you cannot suppress emotions, because if they accumulate, they can lead to an explosion. On the other hand, anger and anger are so negative that it is really not worth giving up on them. Fortunately, there are some really effective ways to control our anger that will make us feel better!