Registration of a general partnership and limited partnership via the Internet!

Service Business

As of January 15 this year, it is possible to establish and register a general partnership and limited partnership using the IT system.

Online company registration

Establishing and registering a general partnership or limited partnership electronically is a significant change that has been introduced to the Code of Commercial Companies.When deciding on this form of activity, entrepreneurs have the option of registering a company using a template agreement made available in the ICT system. Until now, only a limited liability company had such an option, and to start a business in the form of a general partnership or limited partnership, it was necessary to conclude an agreement in writing or in the form of a notarial deed.

Although it is possible to register a limited liability company electronically, any changes to the contract should already be included in the form of a notarial deed. However, this is to change already in 2016, or more precisely from April, in connection with the planned changes, which assume that both the limited partnership and general partnership as well as the limited liability company will be able to make certain changes using the IT system, provided that with his help, they started the registration.

Lower court fees

The change planned by the legislator also includes lower court fees on applications for entry in the company register - the entrepreneur will pay as much as half as much, but only if he decides to register using the IT system. What's more, the lower fee will also apply to the request to change the entry.

These are not the only facilitations provided for in the amendment. Currently, in order to authorize applications for company entry, as well as any changes to the National Court Register made via the Internet, it is permissible to use a signature confirmed by a trusted e-PUAP profile. Previously, it was possible only with a secure electronic signature with a valid certificate, which - unlike the trusted e-PUAP profile - is payable.

Undoubtedly, the changes introduced this year, as well as those planned for the next year, are to positively affect the entire procedure of registering companies and introducing changes to contracts - primarily in terms of practicality, because the entire procedure will be accelerated. Looking at the long term, the legislator's goal, by encouraging entrepreneurs to use the ICT system, is to reduce the overall and often costly bureaucracy.