SMS in e-commerce - store communication with the customer

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SMS messages are no longer perceived as an intrusive way of brand communication with the customer. SMS in e-commerce is gaining in popularity again, because a well-integrated sending system can be an effective element in the sales strategy of an online store.

SMS in e-commerce

Until recently, standard SMS messages were considered by most marketers to be an outdated way of communicating with the client. Nothing could be more wrong. SMS in e-commerce is used to automate marketing activities. Texting is still popular and, what's more, effective for sale in an online store. Why do e-stores choose this way of contacting their customers? Because it is the perfect link between the online and offline world.

It gives, among other things, the opportunity to inform the customer about the status of the order in the e-store or information about promotions resulting from the purchase. The customer will find out about the order or the rules of the complaint in a few seconds, for which he does not need an internet connection. However, most of us have access to it on our phones, so links in SMS are most welcome. They can inform about the promotion and directly refer to a given tab in the e-shop. It is important that SMS messages in e-commerce are sent only for special occasions or discount campaigns. In the case of addresses obtained from orders in the online store, we can be more confident about the value of the group that expects such messages.

Possibilities of using SMS messages in the online store:

  • information for the customer regarding the order placed - the date of shipment and the various stages of its delivery

  • rebate code to be used within a specified period

  • sales announcements

Errors in SMS communication

SMS communication is not the safest in terms of the speed at which the message reaches the recipient. The message is delivered immediately and directly to the user, so it is worth taking care of a tailored and truly unique message.

The most common mistakes:

  • sending SMSs with a commercial offer to people who have not agreed to receive them (most often it happens in the case of purchased address databases). Own mailing database built on the Double Opt-in model is the most valuable;

  • links in SMS messages that refer to a store not adapted to the mobile channel. A link that redirects you to a page that does not display properly on smartphones will not help your brand image, much less sales.

Message from: Client to: Brand - two-way communication with the client

Can the customer write an SMS to the brand? Yes of course. Two-way SMS communication can be used, for example, when conducting surveys to check the quality of customer service in the case of online stores. You can also check if your customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Is SMS in e-commerce the future?

Personalized SMS messages in e-commerce can work wonders, i.e. build customer trust in the brand and attract new customers. We present three main principles that should be followed in creating mobile communication.

  1. Dialogue with the customer - information about the status of the order is important and builds customer confidence in the brand, but it is also worth checking the quality of customer service in the online store using an SMS. The client feels appreciated and important; he knows his opinion matters.

  1. The frequency and time of sending - there is no single answer to how many messages should be sent, but probably none of us likes to be inundated with them (moreover, they are often offers that are not of interest to us). Therefore, in addition to the information on the execution of the customer's order, it is worth sending text messages only for special occasions - special discounts or birthday greetings and a promotional code as a gift. When it comes to shipping time, it is worth checking when customers visit our website or use the store's application. Then it makes sense to send messages around the same time.

  1. Unique doesn't mean trivial - consumers are reluctant to provide phone numbers, so if someone decides to leave it, it's worth making up for it. Such a person can be sent a rebate code or points entitling him to a discount on selected products in the e-shop. It is best if this offer will be available only from the mobile level, which will further increase the attractiveness of your offer and will be an expression of appreciation for the contact left.

Mobile communication is the future, so it is worth using SMS in e-commerce and being in direct contact with your customers. SMS in e-business is a useful tool for multi-channel communication with consumers and an opportunity to attract new groups of recipients.