Sweets you won't try in Poland

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Sweets are almost always associated with something really tasty and addictive. Nowadays, in addition to traditional cookies or chocolates, on the market we can find a lot of unusual snacks that do not always look appetizing. In Poland, however, it is difficult to find anything truly shocking. How is it in other countries?

Sweets from Japan

Japan is famous for its extremely original snacks, especially for people living outside of this country. So don't be surprised by tomato candies or dried octopus. In addition, sets are also popular, with the help of which you can create sweets yourself.

The curry-flavored lemonade is certainly an unusual product. This drink is associated primarily with refreshing fruit, but the Japanese took it a step further, giving it the taste of… spices. Although it is hard to believe that anyone eats it with pleasure, lemonade has a lot of followers! Of course, that's not all, because you can also cool yourself with meat-flavored ice cream. Chicken in a cup - doesn't that sound appealing? After you finish your meal, try chewing gum to refresh your breath and sweat as well. This is not a mistake, in Japan we will buy gum that will make us smell like a rose.

Are the famous snacks from Finland still sweets?

Finns are eager to eat black candies flavored with salmiakki, i.e. salty licorice. Many people get chills just thinking about the presence of this plant. Characteristic aftertaste may not be palate-friendly. So let's try to imagine adding a little salt to everything. It doesn't sound very encouraging. However, the inhabitants of Finland love this taste so much that it is found not only in candy, but also in, for example, chocolate. Another curiosity is definitely Turkinpippuri, which may seem like candy. After trying, however, we will see that the candy has the taste of licorice, and is additionally filled with pepper and nitrogen chloride. It can be a really hot meeting! The conclusion is simple: if we don't like licorice, we definitely won't like Finnish sweets.

Lollipops - sweets that may surprise you

It might seem that lollipops are very inconspicuous sweets and have nothing unusual about them, but they can also surprise you. A worm in candy? Why not! And not just any, because we can choose from crickets, flies, scorpions and ants, among others. Perhaps such sweets are effective in discouraging you from eating too much sugar, because the vision of an insect in your mouth does not seem tempting. On the other hand, lovers of savory dishes will surely enjoy pizza, ketchup or bacon flavored lollipops. It sounds pretty good, but it's hard to tell if it tastes equally good.

Unusual sweets are a perfect gift

The Internet is extremely helpful nowadays. Thanks to it, we can buy sweets from almost every corner of the world and try what is not available in Poland on a daily basis. Therefore, it is worth considering ordering an unusual snack as a gift for the gourmand. You will surely like such a surprise, and the sweets - although very fleeting - will be remembered for a long time. The most important thing is to match the taste to your preferences, so if we know that someone does not like licorice, let's skip Finland when searching.

Sweets do not always have to be sweet, and the flavors can be mixed at will - after reviewing foreign sweets, this conclusion comes to mind. Something that may seem simply inedible, in other countries is considered truly delicious, because - as in every area of ​​life - what a person is an opinion, and in this case: what a person is a taste bud.