Internet forums - how to use them effectively to promote the company

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In the era of social media, internet forums are relegated to the background. Everything really happens on Facebook or Instagram - communication, opinions, brand ratings. However, are online forums really useless? Can the company use them in some way for promotional activities?

Do internet forums matter?

For some time, internet forums, unfortunately, have not enjoyed a good reputation among Internet users. Online forum users tend to be wary. They often suspect that any of the opinions they read is advertising or spam and not information. This is certainly a great merit of word-of-mouth marketing that is often used by companies. Posts written as part of such activities are usually identical to those on other websites, and their credibility is difficult to find. That is why it is so important to add reviews from the company's official account. Thanks to this procedure, users know who is answering their questions and dispelling their doubts. They treat the posts they read as the statements of experts. From time to time, you can add feedback from a fictitious account, but remember that administrators have access to the IP registry of computers and if the discussed situation turns out to be abused, they will unscrupulously delete comments and may even block accounts.

Visiting the forum every day, speaking on specific topics, advising other users may be perceived as entering the role of an expert in a given field. This has a positive impact on the company's image and its positioning on the Internet. Obtaining such an opinion in the eyes of Internet users means that they independently navigate the expert's website in search of more detailed information and are more willing to use the services and solutions offered by him. Over time, they themselves can start recommending the expert's company to their friends. Many customers still visit online forums to check, for example, reviews about the product they are going to buy. It is a willingly used method by people planning to purchase a given product, and therefore forums still have their position on the Internet market. From the brand's perspective, only well-planned and conducted communication is important.

Stages of building communication

When planning a promotional campaign on forums, it is worth setting a specific goal. It can be an increase in sales, an image building or an increase in conversion.

Then you need to look for thematic forums that match your industry and company with a profile. You shouldn't put entries everywhere as it looks unprofessional and undermines the company's image as an expert in the field.

Internet forums - rules of communication

  1. The first principle of creating communication is credibility. For users to trust the brand and its expert content, it should post on its own behalf. Word of mouth marketing often discourages forum users from any contact with the company.
  2. If communication is carried out on several websites, it is also important that it is consistent. Internet users who are interested in a given topic are often users of many forums, so it is worth noting everywhere that an expert from the company is speaking. However, you shouldn't post the same content in different channels. This proves the lack of an individual approach of the brand to customers and their general treatment.
  3. When you create an official company profile, do not deprive it of character and personality. People like it when they feel there is someone real on the other side. In addition, remember the rules applicable to the websites, if you cannot insert a logo as an avatar, create a personal profile, but do not hide the fact that you represent the company.
  4. Follow the rules of internet forums. Read the regulations carefully when creating an account. Remember that as a company from the very beginning, you will attract more attention of website administrators than other users. Therefore, especially stick to the rules that apply on the site.
  5. Remember that thematic forums are discussed by users who are very familiar with the topic. You also need to delegate an expert to have conversations with them. Nor can he merely praise the company's products. He should conduct substantive discussions, help with products or answer questions in the field.