Effective job advertisement - how to attract ideal candidates?

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Every employer dreams of a team of ideal employees, perfectly functioning in the structure of the company and adapted to its standards and organizational culture. An additional advantage will be high motivation to work and commitment. The way to create a great team is properly recruited new employees. However, the first step will be a recruitment advertisement - how to write it and what to include in it to attract ideal candidates?

Recruitment advertisement - is it a necessity?

Valuable employees who efficiently and effectively co-create the organism of the company, who know and reliably perform their tasks, and at the same time are able to generate some added value - this is the most valuable resource for the company. Staff is often an element that creates an advantage of a given company over its competition and allows for the effective implementation of strategies adopted by your business. But when something goes wrong, do you absolutely need a staff change?

Before you decide to recruit a new employee, try to conduct a small audit. Perhaps some departments in your business only require a certain reorganization, a different division of tasks, management methods. Try to make changes and see the results. Also consider what your current employees may be complaining about - many of these objections may be well-founded.

Recruitment advertisement - where to start?

If, despite the audit you have carried out, you see the need to recruit a new employee, you must first consider what qualities and skills they should have to benefit your company. Think what you expect from the ideal candidate and what the company can offer in return. Also take into account the possibility of internal recruitment - it has many advantages (less time to introduce an employee to a new position, lower recruitment costs), but also many disadvantages (no "fresh blood", risk of competition between employees).

Once you know what your expectations are for the perfect candidate and what you can offer them, it's time to prepare a job advertisement. In a few points, we will tell you what information you should include in it.

Recruitment ad - what should be in it?

  1. Corporate Identity (CI). You must remember at the beginning that the recruitment advertisement, like every document, should be consistent with the graphic identification existing in the company. In addition, include the company's logo, contact details, contact details of the recruiting person in the advertisement, and add a few words about your business mission, successes, position in the industry. This will undoubtedly have an encouraging effect on the candidate and will give him the impression of professionalism and prestige of the employer-company.

  2. The exact name of the position. First of all, it should be in line with what the future employee will do in the company, and at the same time appropriate to the requirements you set for the candidates. Remember that the name that you put in the recruitment advertisement does not have to be identical to the one currently functioning in the company's structure. Avoid long, overly professional and foreign-language ones - they may create a certain blockage for some candidates and discourage them from applying.

  3. Description of requirements and obligations. Present what you require from the candidate and what his duties will be in the company. Skip the obvious issues, such as high motivation or availability, and focus on those that will really be needed in a given position. Their excess - if not all are necessary - may deter potential candidates.

  4. Presentation of the benefits. List the profits that the candidate will gain after becoming an employee of your company. As with the requirements, include in your recruitment only those benefits that will be measurable - avoid truisms such as "working in a young and ambitious team". It is good to clearly present the salary, terms of employment and additional benefits, e.g. access to specific services, etc.

  5. Make sure that the language of the recruitment advertisement is simple.

  6. Check the details. When you place your job advertisement on job portals, make sure that it is assigned to the correct categories. Specify the method of applying and the required documents, as well as the deadline for accepting the application. Before placing an advertisement on websites, check if all the necessary information is included.

The recruitment advertisement has been published - and what next?

Once you have published your advertisement, you will start to receive more applications successively - is there any number of candidates that can be considered more or less satisfactory? It cannot be concealed that the numerous applications that come in make employers happy, who will therefore have a lot to choose from. However, does the selection of the perfect candidate depend on the number of applications? In no case - a well-formulated job advertisement can be answered by few people well suited to the employee profile you require. Michael Armstrong, one of the most recognized HR specialists, stated that "the perfect job advertisement is one that responds to one candidate and that is the right candidate."