Effective online sales - a recipe for Traffic Day 2021!

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On November 4, in Poznań and on the Internet, the fifth edition of the practical conference for e-commerce Traffic Day 2021 will take place! Practical, because it was created on the basis of a survey in which hundreds of e-commerce representatives decided about the selection of topics. Practical, because on the stage, instead of professional trainers, we will see people developing e-commerce projects every day.

The online shopping industry has been developing in Poland for many years. The annual increase in the share of e-commerce in the total value of retail trade in Poland is tempting an increasing number of companies to invest in the Internet channel. This applies to both larger organizations with traditional and stationary facilities, as well as new, smaller entities encouraged by theoretically low level of initial investment. However, this industry is accompanied by very dynamic and regular changes that force the constant updating of the adopted strategy.

For many years, the process of educating the Polish e-commerce community has been supported by the Poznań internet marketing agency Traffic Trends. This year, he will organize the fifth edition of the proprietary conference called Traffic Day. It is a unique project on the Polish market, which is created for people responsible for the development of e-commerce projects. This year it is even co-created by them, because the agenda was determined by a survey filled in by owners and employees of online stores, whose representatives will appear on the stage that day!

You will be able to follow this event on-site in Poznań's Estrada or via the Internet, by purchasing access to a live stream. The conference will be held on November 4, 2021. All details can be found at www.trafficday.pl.

Below, in five points, we present the main issues that we will face during Traffic Day 2021

Positioning of online stores

As many as three presentations will concern specific issues related to this very important topic for most e-commerce projects, which the agency organizing the event has been dealing with for over 10 years. Two of its representatives will discuss precisely such areas of SEO activities as:

  • linkbuilding
  • optimization of subpages in the page-by-page model
  • the most common reasons for declines

In addition, the topic of positioning will be discussed in a special block on analyzing the activities of the competition. It will also present methods to "watch" your competitors' SEO activities and be inspired by them.

Building an online store

Undoubtedly, an equally important aspect of running an e-commerce business is an appropriate online store - effective, aesthetic and rich in functionality. These aspects will be presented by three representatives of IdoSell, which has been creating professional online stores for 21 years! Paweł Piotuch, Dariusz Helewski and Konrad Wilk will raise issues related to

  • functionality of online stores
  • optimization of the purchasing path
  • UX errors

Advertising campaigns

Advertising topics will not be exhausted with presentations in the field of positioning. Advertising activities in pay-per-click systems, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, are no less important. The representatives of Traffic Trends, who are responsible for conducting advertising activities for hundreds of Polish stores, will talk about them.

Both advertising systems change very dynamically, so it's worth checking the latest tips for optimizing campaigns such as remarketing, lookalike or product advertising. Julia Szczerbal and Dorota Narkowicz-Michalska will also discuss the topic of analyzing the activities of the competition.

Store management

A survey of online store owners and employees identified many "management" topics that are important on the way to development. Therefore, on November 4, during Traffic Day, we will also cover such issues as:

  • the most common problems of small and medium-sized online stores
  • the impact of logistics on the purchasing experience
  • project management application and online sales
  • customer service and its location
  • business analysis of competition

In these blocks we will see representatives of companies such as GlobKurier or Strategic Mind, as well as ... the owner of an online store who will share his experiences with the stage - Mariusz Cyankiewicz from e-lakiernik.net.

Allegro and Social Media

Online store marketing lives not only with positioning and Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns. Therefore, additional blocks of the conference will be devoted to

  • Allegro - they will be taken care of by Paweł Mielczarek, a top expert in this marketplace
  • TikTok - Mateusz Juja, the owner of the Pomadziarz.pl store, will tell about the conquest of this new medium, who successfully and on an unprecedented scale develops his own account and supports the sale of the offered products.

A huge dose of knowledge and practical tips for the development of e-commerce is waiting for you on November 4 - in Poznań and online! You can buy tickets and the stream at www.trafficday.pl, and for the readers of the Entrepreneur's Guide, using the discount code "COMPANY" will reduce their price by 10%!