Focus on success - better concentration will be a plus

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The key to achieving success and above-average results is developing concentration. Over 70% of people find it difficult to focus on one task for long periods of time. And yet better concentration is the key to the effective implementation of the entrusted tasks!

How does our brain work while concentrating?

When we focus on a task, the brain primarily uses the prefrontal cortex. She needs a lot of glucose and oxygen. When we perform simple tasks that we know, older parts of the brain are triggered, which run automatically and therefore consume little resources. Conversely, when the task is more complex, the brain uses short-term memory and concentration. Processing such information consumes much more resources.

Better concentration - how to improve it?

For concentration to be effective, you first need to focus all your attention on the activity that needs to be done. Divisibility of attention does not exist. One can only talk about quickly shifting attention from one task to another. Remember to focus on one thing when you are doing a difficult or creative task.

Another important element in improving your concentration is focusing on the present moment. Don't be in the clouds. Focus on the task at hand. Don't think about what else you have to do.

Establishing a hierarchy of tasks also affects the improvement of concentration. When you arrive at work, you need to determine what is most important at the moment and postpone minor matters that can wait. It's also a good idea to set one day a week that you devote only to doing all the small things that you put off. By wanting to do everything at once, you really won't do anything right.

The stress of being overloaded with work creates negative emotions, making it harder to think clearly. Thanks to the release of tension, you will be able to focus on the tasks you have to perform and not make stupid mistakes. If you try to relax, your concentration will improve and your brain will work better.

Effective concentration exercises

Concentration, like other skills, can be trained or improved. This can help:

  • crosswords solving,
  • arranging puzzles,
  • learning a new foreign language,
  • playing an instrument.