Skarbówka is questioning the company's virtual address!

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Tax offices refuse to assign a NIP number and accept a VAT-R registration application to companies that provide a virtual company address as the address of their registered office or place of business, i.e. the address of the so-called virtual office.

What is a virtual office (virtual company address)?

Also known as e-office. It is a service consisting in full outsourcing of office services, without the necessity of the entrepreneur's physical presence in a given place. Entities providing this type of services to their users give their users an opportunity to reduce the costs associated with renting premises and employing office workers. Virtual offices guarantee the registration of a company at their own address, thanks to which people who operate at home or mobile specialists can enjoy the prestige of running a company at one of the business centers. In addition to renting an address, virtual offices provide a number of other services, such as telephone and fax reception, rental of a room for business meetings or document storage.

The virtual address of the company is targeted by tax offices

As mentioned at the beginning, a virtual office is the perfect solution that can bring companies huge savings. However, they are tempting not only with their low price. Because they are often used by companies whose goal is to deceive their customers or hide the true profile of their business. While in the case of companies that provide on-line services, this choice is understandable, in the case of activities that strictly require a permanent seat - not anymore.

The use of this type of service is becoming popular among enterprises dealing in construction works, financial intermediation or trading in fuels and scrap metal. The tax office is well aware that these sectors are often subject to extortion and tax fraud, which is why the control of entities using e-office services has been intensified. Pursuant to the recommendations of the Minister of Finance, tax offices are to pay particular attention to companies reporting virtual office addresses as their business address. Entrepreneurs from other industries, such as cultural or IT, who also use virtual addresses, may also encounter complications in the tax office. The actions of officials hit not only frauds and potential hoaxers, but also honest entrepreneurs, for whom lowering costs affects the "to be or not to be" of the company.