CV selection - advice for recruiters

Service Business

When looking for employees for a company, entrepreneurs often meet with great interest, and thus - with a mountain of CVs. How to fight it? How to correctly select candidates? What to consider when choosing people worth inviting for an interview? We have provided some great tips below.

1. Specify the candidate's profile, ie his experience, education, skills and characteristics. Depending on the position of the job offer, these parameters will change. Certainly, every recruiter and company owner appreciates ambitious or creative people. It may be worthwhile to invite people listing these features in your CV for an interview. The next point is experience, sometimes very useful, but it should not be forgotten that young inexperienced employees can contribute a lot to the company and quickly implement their duties. You cannot be ruthless in this matter and exclude someone just because they are a fresh graduate.

2. A thorough analysis of the job applicant is the next step. By answering the following questions, the recruiter is able to draw many interesting conclusions.


List of questions:

  • What makes a given candidate stand out from others?

  • How much was he involved in other activities?

  • What benefits will the characteristics of the applicant bring?

  • Does the person applying for the position improve their qualifications?

  • How long has the candidate worked for each of the previous employers?

  • What positions did the employee previously occupy?

  • What were his duties?


People who changed their place of work quite often may not be a good choice. Practice shows that these people are often conflicting, arrogant and difficult to cooperate. Employing such an employee may end badly for the company. However, it is also not allowed to generalize here, maybe the frequent change of jobs was related to the fact that the applicant wanted to improve his professional qualifications or the position and terms of employment offered to him turned out to be contrary to the promised ones.

3. Third: the overall appearance, aesthetics and professionalism of the prepared CV. This is probably one of the most important points that affects the invitation of a given candidate to an interview. A sloppy CV with stylistic and spelling mistakes will surely turn the recruiter off even if a particular person has the appropriate experience and education.

Currently, most application documents are sent in electronic form, so the applicant should pay special attention to formatting the text and saving it in the appropriate file type.

4. Uniqueness of your CV. It is also worth considering whether the application is standard and the candidate sends it to each potential employer, whether it has been adapted to the offer. A candidate who prepares a CV specifically for a specific offer gains a lot for this fact in the eyes of the recruiter.