Online self-collection - what is it?


In many cases, creditors delay the handing over of the case to a debt collection office, often because of the fear of formalities, and sometimes it is also unprofitable due to the low value of the debt. Law firms usually require an advance payment, which fluctuates, depending on each of them, from PLN 250 to even PLN 500 of fees, which has nothing to do with the debt, which is, for example, PLN 200-300. The solution to the problem is self-collection. To meet the requirements of creditors and the continuous development of the market, entrepreneurs have a new tool - online independent debt collection with the support of experts, thanks to which debt collection is simple and quick, without unnecessary costs, formalities or leaving home.

Online self-collection - what is it?

Online self-collection means recovering debts on your own with the help of online debt collection platforms. The whole process boils down to acting independently, but with the support of professional tools provided by these programs and the support of experts.

By logging into the online system at any place and time, the creditor can count on support in both technical and substantive issues, thanks to which there is no need to refer the case to a debt collection office. His role is limited to entering the debtor and debt data and deciding the sequence of actions he wants to take. Based on the commands, they are generated automatically by the system.

Online self-collection - software can help

An incentive to conduct online self-collection is a wide selection of professional programs that provide all the necessary tools to support self-recovery. Importantly, the best systems themselves propose solutions, taking into account the current legal regulations, enabling the creation of personalized documents and pleadings. Thanks to the knowledge of experts, debt collection is simple and fast. And most importantly - cheap. The course of the case is entirely online, which allows you to save time.

The range of tools is very wide - from generating the necessary documents and letters, notifications in the form of text messages and e-mails, negotiations with the debtor, to the debt exchange and e-court. An appropriate system will even allow you to create a statement of claim to an e-court, and after obtaining an enforcement title - refer the case to a bailiff.

Payment request in a few clicks

Using the online debt collection system, you can easily generate a request for payment in a few minutes and send it to the debtor electronically. This is the basic tool for debt collection - a letter containing the most important information on the basis of which the creditor demands repayment.

The debt collection system itself generates the content of the request for payment, personalized of course, so there is no need to prepare it yourself, and you do not have to waste time searching for its design on the Internet. Electronic shipping is another advantage that allows for convenience, which definitely speaks in favor of online debt collection.

Independent publication of debt on the stock exchange

In order to take further steps, the creditor may use such a system to disclose the debtor's data on the debt exchange. He has the right to do so, and it is completely legal. The condition is that he has documents confirming the debt (e.g. invoices) and the debtor recognizes the debt (legally valid court judgment or recognition of the debt in writing), this will avoid infringement of the debtor's personal rights.

Sometimes it may be a practical solution for the creditor to sell the debt. Then it may use the said debt exchange. Online debt collection allows you to disclose the debtor's data to the public on your own or to post an announcement about the sale of receivables. It is worth remembering that the older the debt, the lower the price you can get for it.

E-court, when the debt is not paid in pre-litigation proceedings

If, despite the calls for payment and publication of the debt on the debt exchange, the debtor does not settle the liability, online debt collection will enable the creation of a claim in the system on its own - the first electronic court - e-court (District Court Lublin-West in Lublin, VI Civil Division), which accepts electronic applications for a payment order.

Online self-collection - advantages

The main advantage of online self-collection is a significant reduction of debt collection costs by transferring it to the electronic dimension - as an e-tool. It also accelerates the entire debt collection procedure, which is particularly important due to the following fact - in order for the debt collection to be effective, it should be carried out as soon as possible. The older the debt, the more difficult it is to recover it.

What's more, self-collection allows the creditor to have control and a real influence on the course of the recovery process, without spending any additional time.