Independent online debt collection and debt collection offices


When faced with the problem of an unpaid invoice, the creditor has the choice of either self-collection or using the services of a debt collection office. Self-collection of debts is very often a cause for concern of creditors, the reason is the lack of sufficient knowledge about the debt collection process, often also experience in this field. On the other hand, the handing over of a case to a debt collection office also does not take place even after long hesitation.

Independent online debt collection - an alternative to a debt collection office

To meet the expectations of creditors, professional debt collection platforms have appeared on the market, with the help of which you can conduct online self-collection. By logging into the system, creditors gain access to a wide range of tools to support self-collection, so they do not have to be afraid of being left alone - a good program suggests solutions and generates the necessary documents based on ready-made templates prepared by experts.

Self-recovery - what are its advantages?

Online self-collection has 3 main advantages, they are:

  • full control over debt collection in your own company - information about the required obligations is not passed on to third parties,

  • savings - it is an extremely cheap method of debt collection,

  • the debt collection process is accelerated - the transfer of debt collection to the electronic dimension streamlines the entire debt recovery procedure.

Such a solution can be taken into account by entrepreneurs who are particularly interested in leaving matters "inside" the company, but at the same time for those who want to recover their money in an efficient and quick way.

Independent online debt collection and debt collection offices

Collection costs

A creditor considering his options should be the first thing that should be taken into account when it comes to debt collection costs.

The remuneration of a debt collection office depends on several factors, including:

  • type of claim,

  • the amount of the debt,

  • when the payment deadline has passed.

The summary is therefore clear - the more difficult to recover the debt, the higher the price of its recovery.

The price of the debt collection itself is not everything, because the help of a debt collection office is also associated with additional fees for debt collection activities, the number and price of which varies depending on the office. A commission is also indispensable, no matter how the case is resolved. Its amount depends on the actions that will be taken - court proceedings are much higher costs than amicable proceedings.

Online self-collection is a fee for a subscription to the service, under which you can take any debt collection action, it does not matter the type of debt, the amount of debt or the date on which the payment deadline has expired.

Control and access to the case

The difference between independent debt collection and a debt collection office is the possibility of permanent access to the case. Online self-collection allows 24/7 access to its course regardless of the place where the creditor is located. Full control of the situation even over the phone? No problem! All you need to do is log in to the system. Using the help of a debt collection office is complete reliance on its course of proceedings. May it be beneficial not only for the law firm itself, but also for the creditor.