Self-acceptance - how to pursue it?

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When we consider it more deeply, it may turn out that in our environment there are definitely more people who do not accept themselves. There is also a belief that in many cases self-acceptance is false, and people who say that they love themselves as they are are often considered narcissistic personalities. Self-acceptance, however, is not a form of falling in love with yourself, not noticing your flaws, or even unhealthy selfishness. Provides a strong foundation for development and happiness.

People who do not accept themselves, at the slightest failure, repeat to themselves that they are worth nothing, feel ashamed in front of people and themselves - because of their behavior or appearance, it is difficult for them to make any decisions - they are convinced that they are doing everything wrong, they have also constant remorse. However, it is worth rethinking this state, if it concerns us, and doing whatever it takes to accept yourself.

Self-acceptance - I don't care what people say

Many people put others' opinions above their own. What will people say when I am too skinny / fat, dye my hair an unusual color, cry in public or on the contrary - laugh out loud? Will he / she accept me when I say / do what I want? We want people to like us unconditionally, but on the other hand, we adapt to their requirements. However, ask yourself: do we really want to spend time with someone who will only accept us under certain conditions? Is it worth devoting to this life, which we have only one and only depends on us what it will be like? Can we imagine feeling at ease with someone like that when we somehow need to control ourselves?

As we have already said, we have only one life and it depends on us what it will look like. No one else should have a significant influence on him - parents, acquaintances, friends. Of course, it's worth having someone to sober us up when we do wrong, but when it comes to who we are and how we feel about it, we should put ourselves first. It is not about selfishness or narcissism, but about simple self-acceptance, without which it will be difficult for us to achieve happiness.

You don't have to be perfect

We want to be perfect and we strive for it. We want to know a lot, look great and have an interesting personality. However, it is worth remembering that ideals do not really exist, and the mere pursuit of goals should be considered a success.

We often think that only when we change something about ourselves that we don't like will we accept ourselves. We often reproach ourselves for how hopeless we are and claim that we will only change this approach when we are successful.

However, self-acceptance is the basis of striving for success. It should be the first step to change. Let's think about (or preferably write on a piece of paper) what we don't like about ourselves, and then analyze each point. Perhaps we do not want to change some of them and we do not feel bad about them, but the pressure of other people forces us to think of ourselves as someone inferior. Let us accept every advantage and disadvantage and then start developing. It will be easier and more pleasant for us to work with each other if we simply like each other.

What does self-acceptance give us?

First of all, people who accept themselves can develop more effectively. They do not think that they are losers in life, they are just aware that they would like to change something about themselves to make their lives better. IM and not other people. Self-acceptance makes it easier and more enjoyable to pursue your goal, because you can be sure that it all makes sense.

Without self-acceptance, it is difficult to imagine complete happiness. If we do not want more than joy and happiness in our lives - we must learn to live in harmony and love with each other. Loving yourself is not bad! After all, it is said that you cannot bestow affection for others if you cannot bestow it on yourself. There is certainly a lot of truth in that.

Self-acceptance also gives us peace and psychological comfort. Even if we strive for change, we know that there is no rush, that we are doing it for ourselves to make things even better than good. This allows us to truly relax, feel good with ourselves and with other people. You don't have to dwell on the past, you live in the present, and it definitely improves your mood.

Accepting ourselves can also give us pleasure in dealing with people. People who do not like themselves are often afraid of others, who can judge, pass judgment that will hurt us and drive us into an even bigger pit. If we feel good about ourselves, we'll probably feel good about others.

How to achieve a golden mean in self-acceptance?

Let us remember, however, not to go to extremes. Full acceptance is great, but we have to look at many perspectives, such as health. For example, we can feel good about ourselves and think that it is best the way it is, but we are emaciated, weigh and eat too little and still persist in saying that it is great, we can get into big trouble. Therefore, we should approach everything rationally and not overdo it in either direction. It is worth applying the golden mean rule.

We have the greatest impact on our lives and how we use it, so it is worth fighting against any negative emotions that develop in us. Remember that the opinion of others is not as important as it might seem. It is not strangers who should accept us, the most important thing is that we like ourselves as we are. Remember that we can make mistakes, if only to learn from them, and we don't have to be perfect. It is worth trying to live in harmony with yourself, and thus ensure peace and happiness.