SaaS versus traditional software

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SaaS technology replaced the old ASP. Saas, or Software as a Service, is made available to interested entities via the Internet, via cloud computing. Therefore, it can be said that SaaS is a specific outsourcing, in which an external entity takes over some of the company's operating areas and thus reduces expenses on the internal IT department.

Why is it worth to bet on SaaS Technology?

SaaS technology makes life easier for business owners, saving them time and money. Its task is to transfer business applications to the Internet. The software designed in this way can be run from the browser level, without the need to install anything on the local disk of the computer.

Despite the advantages of SaaS technology, many people are still skeptical about this solution. The reason is probably the reluctance to introduce new solutions to the company. Using standard programs that are installed on a computer has simply entered the blood. Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of both applications to see that it is worth sticking to outdated solutions.

SaaS means mobility and versatility

Software as a Service provides constant access to the application - all you need is a connection to the network. In the case of standard software, we are limited by the place of its installation. We can only use it on the computer on which it was installed.Those skeptical of SaaS technology comment that there are still places where there is no internet connection. There can be only one answer to this: a company without access to the network is doomed to failure, so there is no other choice.

As a rule, the mobile SaaS model is a great facilitation in the communication process. This way, doing business and working with partners becomes easier. The purchased software is available on one portal available to every employee, even working outside the company's premises. Software as a Service means no access restrictions. This type of software is, in principle, universal - it works on any hardware and any operating system. Traditional applications installed on a local disk have certain requirements that must be absolutely met in order to run them.

SaaS saves you money

Software as a Service technology will allow your company to reduce costs. Forget about large one-off expenses for a software license - in SaaS you pay for a cheap subscription. For example, in, the cheapest package costs only PLN 8.33 per month. The long-term cost is less burdensome for the company.

Standard software installed on a local disk requires regular updates - in many cases additionally paid. The Software as a Service model provides, included in the subscription cost, current updates and patches that the user does not have to download or install himself. This solution is associated with the possibility of limiting the tasks of the IT department, which in the case of traditional applications has to deal with implementation, updating and maintenance. In addition, as part of the SaaS subscription, you receive technical support and confidence that all entered data is safe.

Many platforms in the Software as a Service model offer a free trial period - in the case of online accounting it is as long as 30 days. Thanks to this, every entrepreneur can see that a service of this type will really bring new quality to the company's operation. Another nod towards the user is modularity. You can select the functions you need at the moment. If necessary, you can always buy another - such a convenience is in vain to look for in standard software. The SaaS model provides entrepreneurs with certainty and cost stabilization. The user knows how much and when he needs to spend on a subscription to the service. This is a big change compared to standard applications installed on a local disk, which always generate unpredictable expenses, e.g. for updating or extending functions.

SaaS is hassle-free service

Services based on the SaaS model are very easy to set up and use. Standard applications are time-consuming to deploy and run. Another advantage of Software as a Service is the security guarantee included directly in the contract with the software provider. The latter takes care of making backups on the fly, so losing valuable information is out of the question. There is also no problem with potential viral infections. Another plus of SaaS is scalability. The number of users using this model is unlimited: one server platform can serve many clients. In standard applications, we are usually limited to one person or a closed group within the office.

A bright future for Software as a Service

SaaS is a fresh technology, which is why we are still witnessing changes within it. A very dynamic increase in the value of the market for this type of services can be observed. Interestingly, the term SaaS began to be used only after the Software Development Forum conference in 2005, which was attended, among others, by IBM, Salesforce and Deloitte. Since then, Software as a Service has been winning the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs from around the world.