Remarketing - what is it and what is it?

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Due to technological progress, more and more doors are opening in e-commerce, and entrepreneurs have unlimited possibilities to reach their customers. Many take advantage of what is practically served on a tray, while others cling to traditional methods. Both strategies can be effective and profitable, but when it comes to not only chasing the client, but also the speed of obtaining him, you need to seriously think about whether it is worth changing your methods and trying something new, more innovative. and adapted to the needs of the modern world of the Internet. What is sometimes said so much and so loudly is not always applied equally. And remarketing? Almost everyone has heard of it, but not everyone knows how it works.

Remarketing - from user to loyal customer

There are many definitions of remarketing, most of which turn out to be very general and do not even show its potential to a minimal extent. What we can read on websites, in online encyclopedias or dictionaries are usually a few short sentences which - yes - explain the meaning of the word, but in no way show this strategy as something new and therefore many may seem that it was already there.

Remarketing is a type of campaign conducted as part of the Google AdWords advertising program. This type of campaign is used to repeat the advertising message to users who visited the company's / product's website. In the era of a large number of advertising messages, this solution allows you to effectively reach potential customers and increase sales.

It would seem that more could not be said on this subject, but still. In other words, remarketing is the display of advertisements with our offer to users who have already visited our website. Immediately a statement comes to mind: "you need to forge the iron while it is hot" and rightly so, because it is the use of the Internet user's temporary interest in our website that may contribute to the fact that he will become our regular customer, and we constantly strive for such a customer.

However, many may say that if we can only display ads to users who have visited our website, why mailing and newsletter?

Remarketing is a much better option, especially since our potential clients do not have to fill out the appropriate forms. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. If we would like to point out a drawback of remarketing, the first thought is pop-up ads that may irritate the internet user. In the case of mailing, they themselves decide whether they want to receive information with the offer or not. However, this does not mean that remarketing should be immediately removed from the list of our strategies that we want or have already implemented. Everything has to be considered in many ways, nothing is just black or white.

Remarketing and cookie - the secret of the campaign

Such a mechanism may be incomprehensible to some. How is it that the ads are displayed to Internet users themselves, and in addition only to selected people who visited our website? The magic lies in one small "cookie", or cookie, known to all internet users.

The website should be equipped with an appropriate script that will save the aforementioned cookie for users visiting our website. It is important to ensure that each subpage contains a separate script so that our user actually receives what interested him in our offer. In this way, we will be able to provide him with advertisements for specific products. Then you need to use AdWords tools that allow you to prepare a remarketing campaign. From the technical side, it may seem complicated, but the very implementation of remarketing is very simple, as evidenced by the large number of website owners who have used it.

How to easily present the principle of remarketing?

  • The user visits our website

  • Google's intelligent browser places a cookie in the browser and this is the information that the user has visited our website

  • After leaving our site, the user visits other sites on the AdSense advertising network

  • The display of advertisements by cookies is started

  • If the user becomes interested in our offer, which was placed on the advertisement, he will return to our website.

Remarketing - one of many marketing strategies

Is it worth implementing remarketing? This question does not have one specific answer, because all the marketing strategies we use should be adapted to the specifics of our company and the way we build our image.

Some focus constantly on increasing sales in their e-store, others strive for more users who would like to register on their website, and still others are trying to build brand awareness. In all of these cases, remarketing can work if it is well planned and implemented.

There are many reasons why this strategy is effective and has the desired benefits:

  • Best time to shop: You decide when your ad is shown to users. Some say that the best moment is right after visiting our website. This, however, does not work so well in all cases. It is worth considering whether it would be a better solution to display an advertisement when our potential client browses other websites in search of a product that we can also offer him. The important thing, however, is that we can choose this moment ourselves.

  • Strategic Listing: It's also a good idea to consider creating multiple lists based on your advertising goals. If we want users who abandoned their carts to come back to us again, let's create a separate list for them and show them a specific ad. Such a division will make our actions not random, but planned and intuitive, which means that they are much more effective.

  • Observation and control: as we know well, it is not just taking certain actions that guarantees success, but also the constant analysis of the effects that we achieve. By implementing remarketing, we gain access to information on the effectiveness of the advertisement. What does this give us? We can make changes and improve our campaign.

These 3 most important advantages of remarketing are not presented in order to convince all skeptics to try their hand at it. It is only a presentation of the benefits of running a campaign like any other. Content marketing, newsletter, mailing and many other strategies also have a lot to offer. However, it is good to use as many opportunities as possible and squeeze as many out of them as possible.