Instagram ads - how to create them?

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Have you already used the option of placing an ad on Instagram? For several months now, you can promote yourself on this well-known social networking site. Creating Instagram ads is very simple and you only need to create a Facebook account. We will present you briefly how you can create such an advertisement and what you should pay special attention to to make it successful and achieve your goal!

Ads on Instagram - the beginning

Instagram advertising was first started when this social network was taken over by Facebook. Initially, Instagram in marketing activities was used as a strictly image tool - it was primarily used to build a brand image through interesting photos and graphics. However, it was impossible not to use the advertising potential of Instagram - currently the number of users of this website is estimated at over 400 million! The first tests related to the possibility of placing an ad on Instagram began in 2014, but this option was only made available to everyone on September 30, 2015.

The advertising campaign is created and conducted via Facebook. Initially, only the Power Editor was used to create ads, but now you can also use the FB Ad Manager.

Instagram ads - where to start?

Your instagram account should be integrated with your Facebook account. How to do it? Log in to your fan page on Facebook. In the upper right corner you will find the Settings button. When you click it, a page will appear with the menu on the left. Select Instagram Ads - the "Link Instagram Account for Advertising" box will appear.


Click the Add Account button. In the window that appears, you will have the option to add an existing account or create a new one. We assumed that you already have them. In a small form, you enter your username and password. You click Confirm - from this moment your Instagram account is linked to your fan page. This operation can also be done through the Facebook Company Manager.

Instagram Ads - Facebook Ads Manager

Now we will show you how to create an Instagram ad based on the Facebook Ad Manager tool. When you are logged in to Facebook, you click on the little arrow in the upper right corner - a drop-down menu will appear. You choose Create Ads. You will be taken to the ad wizard. First, you set a goal for your campaign - we assume that it aims to increase traffic to your corporate website.

You choose from the list Direct customers to your site. A field where you enter the URL of the website will appear next to it. You set the name of the campaign and click the Create ad account button. Then Facebook asks you to indicate your country of origin, the currency in which you will be billed for the ads, and the time zone. After the data is approved, you go to the next page where you specify your target group, as well as set the method of settling the ads and the daily budget.



On the right side (see the picture) you will find information about the estimated number of users who will see your ad on Instagram and Facebook. This number depends on the criteria for selecting the target group and the declared daily budget. Then you go to the next stage - choosing the form and content of the advertisement.

You decide whether the ad should include a single video or image, or it can be several images (maximum 5). Then you decide what images will be in your ad. You can use photos or graphics already placed on your fan page, add new ones or use existing templates. After selecting the graphic elements of the advertisement, you go to the section of determining its content and display places. On the right side you will find a list where you will see ad previews from various sources - there, too, by clicking on ticks or crosses, you can determine where your ad will be displayed. We assume that it would only be Instagram.



Then your ad creation page should look similar to the attached screenshot. On the left side of the screen you can see the fields where you should put the headline of the ad and its content, as well as - a possible link to your website. When you set all the graphic and text elements of the ad, you can preview and place an order for the ad. Instagram ads will run according to your criteria and schedule.

What do you need to remember when creating Instagram ads?

There are many rules to advertising on Instagram that are well known from Facebook advertising. Therefore, it should be remembered that the text cannot constitute more than 20% of the graphic area used in the advertisement. The promotion of tobacco products, pornography, weapons and drugs is prohibited. It should also be noted that for users under 18 years of age.Age of age may not be targeted at content that promotes alcohol, gambling and erotic articles.

Remember that the photos you post in your ads should be of high quality and not stylized or artificial at the same time. Instagram advertising is a form of promotion that is becoming more and more profitable. Although Instagram is still far from Facebook in terms of the number of users, the estimated 2016 advertising revenue on the website is to reach over 2 billion dollars!

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