Poland's advancement in the ranking of economic freedom

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As every year, The Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal have published a ranking of economic freedom in the countries of the world. Poland moved up seven positions compared to last year's result and took the highest position in history - 50th place.

Our country scored 67 points out of 100 possible, placing it in the middle of the ranking of European countries. He managed to find above the world standard, which is now 60.3 points. From the countries of the Old Continent, Poland was overtaken by, among others Switzerland (4th place in the world), Ireland (9th), Denmark (10th) and Estonia (11th). Albania (52nd place), Slovakia (57th, such as Poland a year ago) and Bulgaria (60th) achieved worse results than us.

The Economic Freedom Index examines 10 aspects: property rights, freedom from corruption, government spending, business freedom, fiscal freedom, financial freedom, labor freedom, monetary freedom, freedom of investment and trade. It is in this last aspect that Poland managed to take the highest, 11th place. In the case of financial freedom, we won 19th place. Our country's overall position in the ranking is lowered by the poor assessment of government spending (public) - we only came 145th in this respect.

The top three positions in the ranking were taken successively by Hong-Kong, Singapore and Australia. It is worth noting that the first eight places have not changed since last year. Not surprisingly, North Korea, Cuba and Zimbabwe were on the podium of the least economically free countries. The ranking did not take into account eight countries of the world, including Liechtenstein and Libya.