Friends after years - where will we see them?

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Friends known all over the world

Friends is a cult series and there is probably no person in the world who has not seen at least one episode of this popular sitcom. Its popularity is a phenomenon on a global scale, but let's not forget that the issue ended 12 years ago! However, this does not prevent any television from broadcasting more reruns, and the viewership rates prove that it does not bother viewers all the more.

Friends is a series about six young people living in New York. They are just entering adulthood and have no idea what to do next. Haven't each of us found (or is) at this very moment? It's hard not to identify with the heroes who are looking for love, the perfect job and love to hang out with friends.

Despite the fact that the series ended a long time ago, fans still live it - as evidenced by the replica of Central Perk opened last year (the cafe where friends spent most of their free time) and the endless queue to it. During each interview, the actors are asked to tell an anecdote from the filming period Friends or describing your favorite scene. If they are fed up with it, they hide it well, but it's certainly hard to live with the actor's label of such a hit. The more that each of them develops, plays in other films and series. So let's check what's up with u Friends

Matthew Perry - Chandler Bing

Although Chandler was the funniest link in the series, the next comedy series by Matthew (Go On, Mr. Sunshine) were not received very warmly. Television gave him another chance - he is the producer and writer of the script, as well as the main character of the series The Odd Couple. Unfortunately, the first episodes disappointed the fans. Critics cannot understand what happened to this lithe actor, full of ironic jokes.

Perry also had an adventure with feature films. He starred in such productions asHow to bite 10 million if 17 Again alongside famous Hollywood actors. Unfortunately, several film productions did not particularly affect his career. Already from the last seasons Friends he struggled with a strong addiction to painkillers and went into rehab very often, which certainly slowed down his acting development.

In his love life it is also very different for him. For many years he dated and parted with actress Lauren Graham (known from series such as Gilmour Girls if Parenthood), for several years he has also been seen with the much younger actress Lizzy Caplan (Masters Of Sex).

Perry could be seen with other Friends of St. Web Therapy, starring Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from the series) and in Cougar Town, the TV series Courtney Cox.

Courtney Cox - Monica Geller

Chandler's serial wife has already been permanently in the episode productions. Moments after Friends, she starred in a very well-received series Dirtin which she played the editor-in-chief of a gossip magazine. The series emanated sex and bold scenes, but even this performance did not allow her to free herself from Monika Geller. Dirt ended after two seasons.

The sitcom turned out to be a bigger hit Cougar Townwhich is already 6 seasons old and is still airing. Privately, at Courtney's was very different - for many years she tried to have a child with her husband David Arquette. Still recording Friends She had a miscarriage, after which she had to participate in the scenes where Rachel just had a baby. In the end, they succeeded and the marriage had a baby girl named Coco. Jennifer Aniston is the cartilage mother.

Joey Tribbiani - Matt LeBlanc

As he admitted himself, it was he who most needed the role in Friends - for the first money he earned from the show, he simply bought himself a dinner. He certainly did not regret his decision when last season all actors received a million dollars per episode!

On the wave of popularity Friends the station decided to pull the plot of a slow-moving actor in a spin-off Joey. Unfortunately, the show did not have the expected success and was canceled after two seasons. In addition, he was the cause of the breakdown of LeBlanca's marriage - he betrayed his then wife with a friend from the set.

Following these events, LeBlanc moved away from television productions for a long time to come back in style on the series Episodeswhere he plays himself. The episodes garnered only positive reviews from critics, and after the first season, LeBlanc won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Role, which he never achieved in the 10 years he played in Friends.

Despite the fact that other actors from the show Friends they were very eager to respond to suggestions to play in JoeyLeBlanc asked them not to. He wanted to prove to the fans and the station that he could handle this series on his own.

In Episodes, one episode is devoted to a situation where LeBlanc calls old friends asking for a guest appearance on his series, but they all refuse - it turns out that he offended each of them and was never liked in society. After all, the only person who makes a guest appearance is James Michael Tyler, who played Gunter.

This is obviously TV fiction, as the actor is still friends with the other five and, as in the series, is closest to Lisa Kudrow. And just in her series - Web Therapy - he was seen many times.

Phoebe Buffay - Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow can be seen from time to time in movies (not only comedies), but usually plays episodic roles. As for the series, she's doing pretty well as well. She started with a web series Web Therapy, however, it became so popular that ShowTime bought it and fans could watch it on TV. The series is about an eccentric lady psychologist who decides to conduct therapy sessions via Skype. Each episode features a lot of famous actors, including cast members, of course Friends.

HBO, possibly encouraged by the success of rival stations and theirs Episodes, the show resumed The Comeback after 10 years from the first season! In it, Kudrow plays an elderly sitcom star who tries to do whatever he can to become popular again. Bravo for the distance to myself! The series delighted fans and critics, and in reviews you can read very often that this is Lisa's best role since Friends.

Privately, she is associated with the French advertising producer, Michael Stern, with whom she has an 8-year-old son. She made a guest appearance on the show Cougar Townwhere she played the new girlfriend of ex-husband Courtney Cox, which of course was the cause of many funny situations.

Ross Geller - David Schwimmer

This cute geek won the hearts of thousands of women, with Rachel Green at the helm. In private, doesn't David also see the world outside of dinosaurs and his first wife turned out to be a lesbian? Fortunately not! David was already filming Friends he repeatedly stood on the other side of the camera, and after the series ended, he only developed a love for directing.

He is responsible for directing dozens of films and series. He produced the whole Little Britain USAwhere he also made a guest appearance. He is also the director of the controversial movie starring Clive Owen -Trust (Goodbye to innocence).

After the end of Friends, he could be seen in the iconic HBO war series, Band Of Brothers (Band Of Brothers)where he played the cruel captain Herbert Sobel. He gave the voice to Melman known from the cartoon series Madagascar. Currently, it can be seen in the latest production of AMC stations, American Crime Story. He plays lawyer O.J. Simpson - Robert Kardashian.

In 2011, he married his partner Zoe Buckman. They have a 5 year old daughter. Like other friends, Schwimmer could be seen guest starring in Web Therapy.

Rachel Green - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is the star with the greatest professional success after graduation Friends. However, it must be admitted that it was paid for by many private failures, meticulously discussed in the pages of tabloids. All of America has lived for many years by her breakup with Brad Pitt and his alleged betrayal with Angelina Jolie. Aniston has to contend with questions about this to date.

Jennifer continuously appears in comedy movies that receive very different reviews. Her latest biggest hit is comedy The Millers, where she plays a financially troubled stripper, she also plays the role of a sex addicted dentist in both parts Horrible Bosses (Bosses, Enemies). Every now and then she tries to prove that she can do more than comedy roles - this can be checked in the drama Cake. For this role, she was nominated for a Golden Globe.

She is currently in a relationship with actor Justin Theroux, whom she met on a film set. Since then, she has been struggling with another recurring question - when will she give birth to a child?

As it is Courtney Cox who maintains the closest contact, it is in her series that she decided to appear as a guest artist. It can be seen both in Dirt, what Cougar Town. Herself from time Friends she did not decide to have her own series. This is probably due to the fact that there are many film offers in it.

Every now and then the media asks if the actors will come back and decide to play again Friends. However, they all agree that despite their love for this period in their lives, they do not want to go back to it. They also explain that fans would also not be satisfied with the effect of their collaboration - Friends they were funny because the series was about young people and their decisions in life.

Still, many fans do their best to get the entire cast of friends in one place at one time - including Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen.

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