Enterprising women will get financial support

Service Business

When running your own business, keep your finger on the pulse. Regularly checking available projects, grants and opportunities can make sure you don't miss an opportunity and your business really grows. This is an opportunity to implement unique projects that will have a positive impact not only on your business, but on your clients, the immediate vicinity, or improving the quality of life of others. Therefore, it is worth checking the available financial support for your business on an ongoing basis. Check out new opportunities for women!

In addition to using financing, it is worth checking out competitions, such as events for entrepreneurial women. Often the organizers assume financial support for interesting businesses. It is a way to not only stand out, but also to reach new recipients - clients as well as investors and be remembered by them. One of such competitions is the Businesswoman of the Year Written Lipstick Success, which rewards enterprising women operating in Poland.

Norwegian funds

From the end of 2019, small grants for entrepreneurial women are available. The maximum grant is EUR 200,000. The competition was announced in November 2019, but the start of applications is available from January 7, and the end of admission is March 31, 2020.

The scheme of small grants for entrepreneurial women is to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs and the implementation of innovations in the following areas: environmentally friendly technologies, innovations in the area of ​​inland or marine waters and technologies that improve the quality of life.

Who can get a grant?

The project is intended for women who run a sole proprietorship as well as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. In the aforementioned enterprises, a woman must be a partner authorized to represent the company, or a partner and member of the management body or a shareholder and member of the management body.

What can the received financial support be used for?

Received financial support from the Norwegian Funds can be used for activities in 3 categories: services, mentoring and investments.

This includes consulting services that help in the development and implementation of innovations, mentoring that supports the development of the company, as well as investments in fixed assets and others that will help implement innovations in the enterprise.

The most important areas

Projects eligible for financial support should fall within one of the following areas: innovation in green technologies, innovation in marine and inland waters, and technologies that improve the quality of life.

Partnership with mentors from Norway

A very important element of the program is also the partnership with entities from Norway. A mentor or mentor from Norway may be involved in the project. Thus, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of others, and thus even better support innovation.


It can receive a maximum of EUR 200,000, with the financial support for the project assuming 85% of its value. Your own contribution should be at least 15%.

The amount of co-financing also depends on the company and the location of the project. A bonus of + 20% is provided for micro and small enterprises, and +10 for medium-sized enterprises. When checking other guidelines, it is worth checking the percentage share of co-financing according to the regional aid map.