Prosumers - they matter more than ordinary consumers

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Anna Hankiewicz,

Who will help you create new products or advise what flavor or color will delight masses of new customers? Do you need someone to change the direction of the company's development or its promotion? A prosumer is a specialist in this field.

The prosumer sounds a bit like combining the role of the producer with the consumer. If you have such an association, then you are on the right track, because this term describes the consumer involved in the creation of a given brand and in the consumption of goods or services. Means someone who creates a product for their own use. The phenomenon of prosumption has led to the merger of the production and consumption spheres.

Who are the prosumers?

Prosumers fall into two categories: the first one counts mainly on the economic benefits of pro-consumer activities, while the second expects social and environmental benefits. The process of individual prosumption occurs when an individual participates in the process independently, independently of other market participants. The discussed phenomenon may also take place in a group in the co-design or co-production process. Prosumption also takes place between the group and the producer, e.g. via social networks where we read comments about a given product.

Repository of knowledge

Each of us can be a prosumer. The role of this person is to actively participate in creating and promoting a given brand. A lot of knowledge about specific products and services is enough. - Consumers feel a little unsatisfied after seeing the advertisement, so they check the quality of the product organoleptically or following the opinions of other users who expressed their opinion on internet forums - says Michał Trziszka, CEO of

Customers are very happy to share their experience related to the use of a new product. By writing an opinion about a good or service directly to the company, we play the role of a prosumer. He plays Fr.
n an increasingly important role in the market because, based on its opinion, goods can be improved to meet the needs of the target group. Conscious consumers know the importance of their recommendations in the eyes of the manufacturer.

They recharge the batteries

The activity of prosumers is noticeable primarily in the area of ​​sustainable development, and above all environmental protection. Producers and consumers of energy from small renewable sources are also called prosumers. They are involved in the production of electricity, which to some extent meets their daily needs. The method of obtaining energy has changed to one that corresponds to the current needs of modern society. The usefulness of dispersed sources has long been talked about, which is why over half a million households in the UK have solar panels on their roofs.

An innovative idea is not enough

There are more and more examples of involving consumers in production processes, because the presented practices of prosumption are only a part of what can be observed. Prosumption is the most important step in creating product value. Implementing the company's own ideas is not enough, because what counts is the constructive criticism of users who are able to advise on how to improve the product. If the company meets them, it will have a chance to become a market leader.