Designing clothes - a business idea (not) only for ladies

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Designing clothes is often just a creative hobby, an addition to a full-time job. The dream of your own clothing brand does not have to be unattainable. If you have a head full of ideas, time and you know what distinguishes you - go to work! Make your hobby your primary source of income!

Designing clothes - basic questions and sample hints

First, prepare answers to questions such as:

  1. What distinguishes me? Your brand is your story - you are not anonymous, your future company must have a personality. Think why you create, how it started, what is your inspiration. A good example is the description of the brand Kozacki pug:

The Cossack Pug was created out of love for clothes and pugs. The company is made up of family and friends and this is how we treat our clients. We are positive, we love colors and we want to give you a rainbow base of ideas for life!

  1. Who am I addressing my clothing brand to? For hip-hoppers, future mothers or Metallica fans? For lovers of dogs or night eaters? Specify exactly who you want to design clothes for - statements for young people or for women are out of the question, your target group must be very specific - otherwise you direct your brand to everyone, that is ... to no one.

  2. What do your friends, family or fiancée think about such an idea? Before going out into the deep, most people prepare projects for loved ones, then for friends, relatives, and so on. Ask them why they like your projects, why they recommend them to others. Or maybe start by creating your own YT channel and show the world what your creative work looks like from the inside? If you do not run a blog yourself, ask for guest posts from famous fashion bloggers - when they "buy" your idea - the problem of advertising is (partially) overcome.

  3. How do I want to name my clothing brand? Create your brand concept. Note that the name must relate to what you want to sell. For this purpose, it is worth visiting the showroom website and reviewing the offers of the brands listed there. Each one is defined by a different style, different cuts, colors, combinations - see how others do it. A good example of a well-chosen name is the concept of the company "Do things". Do things is a mix of music and clothing brand. What distinguishes them? Above all, the slogan: Do things and great projects!

  4. What do I know about marketing? Without a good knowledge of advertising tools, you have little chance of breaking out of such a popular market segment. Invest in advertising but not at the expense of the quality of the materials. Research the market, check how many people and at what age live in your town, learn optimization and positioning of websites. Believe - it will pay off.



Designing clothes - get a subsidy to start

If you know the answers to the above five questions and decide to create your own clothing brand - read what you need to know before starting a business. Are you scared of the costs of starting your own business? You do not know what co-financing you can apply for and what they may apply to? Here are our suggestions:

  • Women's Fund - this is a loan on preferential terms and is aimed at women who are just starting a business or want to allocate funds for its development. Its interest rate is only 2%, and it is worth noting at this point that getting a loan for a person who is just starting a business is not the easiest thing to do. A transparent diagram of the conditions for receiving such support is available on the PARP website.

  • The first business - Support in the start - is also an offer of loans on preferential terms for people setting up their own business. The conditions for obtaining a subsidy are: the status of a graduate (up to 4 years from obtaining the diploma), the status of a student in the last year of higher education or the status of an unemployed person.

  • Grant from the employment office - staroste (city president) under Art. 46 sec. The Act on the promotion of employment and labor market institutions may grant a subsidy for setting up a business from the Labor Fund (including payment for legal consultations related to the process of establishing a company). This subsidy may not exceed the average monthly salary of 6 months.

  • JEREMIE - this is an EU program that offers loans for small entrepreneurs. Its interest rate is only 1% and it is aimed at people who set up start-ups.