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Author: Małgorzata Majewska, expert at

Five days ruling our lives. Monday to Friday. How did it all start? You will be surprised to learn that our workweek has only been this way since 1940. It was then that the five-day working time system was established. We can thank Henry Ford for that. He reduced the hours of work for his employees, giving them Saturday and Sunday off, without limiting their salary.

Both employers and employees are sleepy and have a vision of the next five days at work. To wake up, you can talk to your work colleague about how you spent the weekend, who you met, how you rested. A standard small talk on Monday morning is sure to give you some energy. But then do your part, even if it's not pleasant - read overdue emails, start new projects and catch up on what you didn't finish on Friday - encourages Małgorzata Majewska, an expert of

Moreover, Monday is the best day for news releases. Then our minds are refreshed after the weekend sleep, ready for all the news and information about work for the next week. If you are an employer - announce a new project on Monday, inform about promotions and other important events. Employee - on the first day of the week, start talking to your boss about the raise you want. However, if you want to announce that you are leaving - Monday is the best day for such news as well - says Małgorzata Majewska.

For some, it is the most boring day of all. In fact, it is the most effective Why? Because only then do we begin our work with a fresh mind, abandoning Monday's despondency. Advice: take on more tasks, concentrate and try to focus as much on work as possible on Tuesday. Time will pass faster if you leave Monday depression behind and switch to a productive and active mode of operation.

According to some, Wednesday is, right after Friday, the most pleasant day of the week. Why? Because anything you do on Wednesday has a better chance of success. Wednesday is the heart of the week, everything is in full swing at work, then you work more effectively and definitely more creatively - notes Małgorzata Majewska. It's also one of the busiest days when it comes to social media, so if you want to meet someone or keep up to date with what's happening, Wednesday is the best time for it. Just make sure you don't hang out on Facebook or Tweeter all the time.

On Thursday, we feel the first symptoms of a strong longing for the weekend. We think: a little more and I will be free. Thursday is a great day as most executives feel the week is almost over, they are more flexible about meeting times and putting extra responsibilities on employees. It's best to start hard work that requires concentration and efficiency in the morning. Not only because it will make your day pass faster. What's more, thanks to this, you can expect a much less stressful Friday. Smile a lot - just a moment more and you'll be home!

Finally the longed-for Friday. Take it easy and act calmly. Don't waste that time. Friday is the right day to finish and sign contracts. Take the client to lunch, at work, use the time to integrate with the team, plan activities for the next week and complete your tasks if possible, so that you do not start the weekend knowing how much work you have to do on Monday - suggests Małgorzata Majewska. However, take into account that, according to office etiquette, Friday is not a good day to talk about your promotion, unless it is at the initiative of management. It is also not the right time to start or end your fight for your position in the office.