Work in a small company or an international corporation?

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It does not matter if you are just starting your adventure on the labor market or if you already have full-time experience behind you. Probably a few times in your life you will ask yourself the question: what will be better for me - a small company or a corporation?

Work in a corporation or in a small company - advantages and disadvantages

First, you should consider whether you have the right personality to work in a corporation. Large companies are most often looking for people who are resistant to stress, energetic and mobile. Of course, employees who have just started a family are not deleted by recruiters. However, you have to bear in mind that one day you may be moved to a new location. In addition, the corporation is associated with delegating to business trips, and the amount of time spent will significantly translate into the amount of the bonus. But what about individual units? It will be much easier for them to find their place in the SME sector.

Working in a small company is a bigger challenge. While in a corporation an employee will probably have very clearly defined goals and tasks assigned to himself, in a small company you can prove yourself and fight for a higher bonus by being multitasking. Employees of the SME sector acquire more skills and experience more quickly. Commitment will also be appreciated in the corporation, but the passion for the job will be more often noticed by the supervisor in a small company.

Work in a small company or in a corporation - remuneration

The amount of remuneration should also be taken into account. It is more profitable to work in corporations, because in addition to higher salaries, employers to a large extent provide benefits for their employees in the form of social welfare, goods or food vouchers, sports and recreation vouchers or a company telephone and car. We will experience it less frequently when working in the SME sector.

There are many stereotypes about working in a corporation and in a small company and it is impossible to clearly define what will be better for us. First of all, you should take into account your character traits and your own preferences. Working in a corporation is a good start for young people starting their careers, while for those who prefer a family atmosphere and wider experience than in an international company, work in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector will be better.