Temporary work - characteristics

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When browsing job portals, you can often come across temporary job offers. Temporary work is a specific form of employment that is temporary and takes place between three entities. Is it worth betting on such a solution?

Temporary work - what is it?

Temporary work consists of three entities - the employee and his two employers:

  1. the temporary employment agency with which the employee signs the contract and which later assigns him to a specific job;
  2. the user's employer - he is bound by a contract with a temporary employment agency, the temporary worker performs work under his management and on his behalf, but in the legal sense, the user employer is not an employer for the temporary worker. This employer only performs the obligations of the employer to the extent that results from the regulations and from the contract concluded with the agency.

Temporary work - temporary employment agencies

Temporary employment agencies that operate legally should have an entry number in the register of employment agencies (a list of such agencies can be found in the National Register of entities running Employment Agencies). Temporary employment agencies are required to provide this number in documents, advertisements and job offers. Therefore, attention should be paid to whether the agency issuing a given temporary employment offer provides the registration number. If the listing does not include the number, it may be that the agency is operating illegally.

Temporary work - who can take it?

The temporary employment agency addresses its offers to people:

  • minors who, due to their age, have little chance of permanent employment,
  • who study daily or extramural, available only on certain days of the week or at specific times,
  • over 50, who find it difficult to find a permanent job that meets their qualifications,
  • who lost their job and quickly need a new one to meet their basic needs,
  • wishing to work abroad.

No courses or qualifications are required to work by temporary employment agencies. The agency usually provides the employee with such training, which is why temporary work works well as a solution for many social groups.

Temporary work - advantages

  • Anyone can take up a job through a temporary employment agency, because you do not need to have any special courses or qualifications and there are no age restrictions,
  • a temporary employee determines on what days and hours he can work. Thanks to such a flexible schedule, you can combine work with other duties - e.g. studies,
  • a temporary employee has the same rights (regarding earnings, vacation, social conditions, health and safety regulations or vacation) as a full-time employee,
  • temporary work is a good solution for people who do not know yet what they want to do in life. A short period of work in one place gives you the opportunity to try different things and find your calling,
  • in a situation where the employer immediately needs an additional employee, the temporary employee may often receive more remuneration for the same work from the permanent employee.

Temporary work - disadvantages

  • lack of professional stabilization, because contracts are signed for a short time - usually for a few weeks, a week or even one day,
  • agencies do not always provide the temporary worker with a social benefit package,
  • the privilege of two days off for each month worked does not always apply in practice, because temporary employment agencies rarely sign contracts for a month,
  • it often happens that temporary employees are entrusted with work that no other permanent employee has time to do or simply does not want to do,
  • the temporary employee has the remuneration reduced by the commission for the temporary employment agency, he is not entitled to the so-called "Thirteen" and bonuses.

For students, young people without experience and for those who are looking for a quick income, temporary work may seem an attractive form of employment. It tempts with flexibility, various possibilities as well as interesting perspectives. However, it must be remembered that apart from advantages, temporary work also has a lot of disadvantages. For people who are looking for stability and security on a professional basis, temporary work will not be a good solution.