Positive Thinking Guide - How Does Positive Thinking Affect Us?

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"Think positive!", "It will be fine!", "Take a positive look at it!" - such sentences usually cause aggression and irritation. After all, you can't just switch over and start looking at the world in nicer colors. If it's bad, it's hard to bring yourself to see the positives. It's easy to say, harder to do, advice is the worst possible - such opinions are most often encountered after hearing the said sentences. Perhaps you are wrong? The power of positive thinking has been widely commented on - certainly for good reason. Optimists live better and easier, hope gives them strength and energy to act. Can you train positive thinking? What situations should be a signal for changes?

Signals to change

What should make you think about changing your approach to life? Consider how you perceive reality. If you only see it in gray, everything seems bad to you, every situation and person irritates you, you have the impression that nothing, but you are completely unsuccessful, you stand still, and even recoil, and your confidence is insignificant, it is certainly worth considering what to do to feel better.

Of course, these are not the only signals. What is worth paying attention to? Answer a few questions for yourself.

  • Do you feel like a loser in life?

  • Do you see no point in your development?

  • Are you annoyed that someone has - you feel - a better life than you do?

  • Are you irritated by the advice of loved ones to change your approach?

  • Do you think you will achieve nothing in life?

  • Do you have the impression that nothing in your life has changed for years?

  • Are you convinced that you will never be happy?

If most of the time your answer is yes, then don't hesitate to delve into the power of positive thinking. While it may be difficult at first, it will certainly pay off. You just have to want it. Did you know that pessimists are more likely to fail? Bad attitude works not only on the mind but also on the body.

Remember, however, that sometimes pessimism is so deeply rooted in us and is so destructive to us that we will not be able to help ourselves. Then it is worth using the help of a specialist.

Can you train positive thinking?

There is a lot of talk about how to easily learn a new habit. It is enough to repeat it over and over again for a minimum of a month. But is positive thinking a habit? It's hard to say unequivocally, but why not try to focus only on the positives for a moment every day?

Try to write down at least one good thing each day. There is no such? It sure is! A smile from someone we like, a beautiful landscape, a stunning sunset - write down everything that made you see the world more optimistically. Perhaps this will help you see the little happiness around you and become a nice, upbuilding habit.

Challenge yourself monthly: I will only say nice things, I will be grateful for something every day, I will make me smile every day. It is possible that such simple exercises will make you optimistic and positive thinking will become your habit!

Handbook of positive Thinking

How to think positively and change your attitude? While this may seem like the most trivial and insignificant thing, you need to realize that the sun comes out after every storm and, however bad it may be, in the end there will be this light in the tunnel that will make you smile. Try to think that way at the wrong time for you. It is bad now, but it will be better because it has to be. Perhaps these are just phrases often repeated, but they really work. How much we achieve often depends on how we perceive ourselves. For example, if we assume from the beginning that we will not find our dream job, it will not fall from heaven, and we, resigned, will not look for it in places that we really care about. In the end, it won't work anyway, so why compromise? Such an attitude will make it really - we certainly will not start working in a place of dreams, but will it not be a lot of our and our pessimism's fault?

Let us surround ourselves with positive people. If there is someone in our company who constantly stabs us and reduces our self-confidence - let's give up this relationship. Positive thinking is even more powerful when the people we are with also exude positive thinking.

Let us allow ourselves to have bad days, each of us goes through such situations in which we cannot be overflowing with optimism, but let us not let these moments dominate our whole life. Forcefully pushing away your sorrows when they swell in waves won't work well either.

If someone criticizes you, draw conclusions, learn, develop. Don't let the thoughts that tell you that you are a loser and that nothing is working out dominate you. It is quite the opposite! Only the one who does nothing makes mistakes. Do not be afraid of them, but learn from them and repair them. They will be great science and help you develop yourself.

Positive thinking has great power, it helps, gives energy, motivates us in difficult moments, thanks to endorphins we are simply happier. Of course, it is not a cure-all, but it definitely helps you get through life more easily. We only have one thing and it is really not worth wasting precious moments on negative emotions. Let's enjoy life, let's be optimistic, even if it will take us a long time to practice this attitude, we will certainly appreciate our efforts.