Do you need funds for your own business? A new PARP program has started

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Programs organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development are one of the best ways to obtain funds necessary for the development or establishment of a company. The institution is currently conducting four recruitment: Intelligent Development, Knowledge Education Development, Eastern Poland and Norwegian Funds, and under each of them there are several programs. Who are they aimed at? What amounts can you get by participating in one of them?

PARP funds: Intelligent Development

This PARP program is aimed at innovative enterprises. The funds available under it can be used by the company at every stage of development: from concept development, through product research and development, to launching it on the market. Currently, you can apply for several dozen types of funding, including vouchers for innovations targeted at people with mobility limitations, the Internationalization of Key National Clusters competition or the Acceleration Program: Startup Spark 2.0. The highest available amount of funding is over half a million zlotys.

PARP funds: Knowledge Education Development

Knowledge Education Development is a program of PARP, the aim of which is multi-track support in such areas as employment, social inclusion, education and higher education, health and good governance. As part of it, enterprises can receive start-up support in the form of subsidies and knowledge, develop competences by raising managerial qualifications and obtain help in finding business partners. Currently, you can take part in training programs such as Manager of Tomorrow, Public Procurement for MSME, or Succession in family businesses. Some projects allow for obtaining up to PLN 47 million in funding.

PARP funds: Eastern Poland

The Operational Program Eastern Poland was created in order to support entrepreneurship in the eastern regions of Poland: the Warmian-Masurian, Podlasie, Lublin and Subcarpathian voivodeships. Co-financing from this program is intended for startups and companies whose goal is to build competitiveness in the country and abroad. The PARP program also focuses on improving the infrastructure in this part of the country by increasing urban mobility and expanding road connections. The amount of co-financing in the case of some projects may reach up to PLN 3 million.

PARP funds: Norwegian funds

The Norwegian Funds Operational Program is financed by the Government of Norway and, to a lesser extent, by the governments of the rest of the European Economic Area. It is aimed at innovative enterprises operating in the following areas: green technologies, blue technologies (related to the management and protection of inland waters and seas) and projects improving the quality of life. Currently, you can apply for funding under such projects as environmentally friendly technologies, Small grants for entrepreneurial women, Innovations in the area of ​​inland and marine waters and Technologies improving the quality of life, and the maximum amount of the grant is from one million to 2 million zlotys.