Entrepreneur's Guide in TOP 10 in Poland


The Entrepreneur's Guide is once again one of the most read portals on business in Poland

According to the information published on the portal wirtualnemedia.pl Poradnik Entrepreneurs was once again included in the list of the ten most read legal and business websites in Poland.



The mediapanel survey conducted in August 2021 by Gemius / PBI at the request of wirtualnemedia.pl was aimed at selecting the leaders of the Polish Internet dealing with legal and business issues in Poland.

The Entrepreneur's Guide, ranked 10th in the ranking, gained over 387,332 thousand readers month-to-month and recorded an overall result of 3.17 million users in August.

This is an increase of 1.33% in the number of users visiting the portal. We ended the month with the result of 9.61% of coverage in the Polish Internet, competing, among others, with Buisness Insider Polska (Ringier Axel Springer media group), money.pl or gazeta.pl (Angora).

The information on the website wirtualnemedia.pl shows that:

the business and legal section of Gazeta.pl gained 394,000 jobs Internet users (9.4% up), Rp.pl - 628.9 thousand. (18 percent), and Bankier.pl - 185.6 thousand. (5.3%). On the other hand, Infor.pl recorded a decrease by 439.5 thousand. visitors (10.8%), while the economic and legal part of Interia - by 557.3 thousand. (13.9%).

While working on the Entrepreneur's Guide, we create one of the most reliable and most read portals in Poland. Each month, we publish independent content to millions of entrepreneurs seeking help. It is a success that consists of the commitment and work of the entire editorial team. That is why we congratulate all those involved in the publishing process on another success.