Polish spas: Nałęczów

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If we have to go to a sanatorium, we want the place we go to be the best possible. In addition, the interesting surroundings and the entire area of ​​the spa are certainly soothing. In Poland, we really cannot complain about the number of such places. However, which ones are really worth visiting? We check why Nałęczów is one of the most popular health resorts in Poland.

Nałęczów health resort

Nałęczów is located in the Lubelskie Province and is a small town with approx. 4,000 inhabitants. Already in the second half of the 18th century, this place began to be considered a health resort. However, it is assumed that the resort was established in 1878 and this date is given as official. The first patients arrived two years later. Renovations of the facilities available were started by three doctors: Wacław Lasocki, Fortunat Nowicki and Kondrat Chmielewski. The place started to develop very quickly, thus more and more residences were built, and the guests were popular artists.

Nałęczów health resort fights against heart diseases

At the very beginning, it is worth emphasizing that the Nałęczów health resort specializes in one area: heart diseases. Here, you can treat arterial hypertension, cardiovascular neurosis or coronary artery disease. Nałęczów is an ideal place for patients who have had a heart attack or various procedures related to this organ. Why does the spa specialize only in such diseases? Due to the favorable climate here, air ionization is positive, which lowers blood pressure.

Nałęczów health resort is the perfect place for the heart

Not only the climate is a great advantage of this place. First of all, the spa employs a team of really great specialists who specialize in the treatment of cardiological diseases. You can get fully professional help from them. Doctors carefully study the history of patients' disease, which helps in determining the individual course of recovery for each of them. In addition, they order specific treatments that should be performed and monitor the entire course.

We all know how extremely important health is and how we should especially care for it. If we suffer from any cardiological disease, Nałęczów is the perfect place for us. The climate will make us feel better immediately. In addition, the city is quiet, peaceful and charming, which is why we will surely like it and allow you to fully relax. Nałęczów has been one of the best health resorts in our country for many years and it is for a reason. Qualified staff and very professional care for the patients definitely testify to the high level of the Nałęczów health resort.