Running a business - basic principles

Service Business

Freedom to conduct a business

One of the most important in the set of political principles in our country is the free conduct of business activity. Of course, this is not unrestricted freedom - after all, there are regulations that cover permits, concessions and licenses. Certain restrictions were also listed in the Freedom of Economic Activity Act.

It is up to the future entrepreneur to decide to start a business, its organizational and legal form and the manner of its performance. Once he has established a company, he is obliged to comply with the provisions describing the basic rights and obligations of entrepreneurs, as well as the rules of running a business (chapter 2 of the aforementioned act).

Running a business - the principle of fair competition

One of the most important rules for running a business is the principle of fair competition, which can be found in Article 17 of the Freedom of Economic Activity Act. There is also a provision saying that the entrepreneur should respect good manners and the right interests of consumers.

So much theory - practice shows that for many people running a business is not associated with the obligation to comply with these key regulations. There are reports of misleading consumers by impersonating other brands or offering fakes that are confusingly similar to the originals. Dishonest, lying advertising is also often a phenomenon. Such actions constitute a violation of the rules of conducting business activity and involve potential legal proceedings brought by aggrieved consumers or contractors.

Fair conduct of business activity is also associated with the observance of good manners and respect for the interests of consumers. In other words, these are activities that respect the rules that apply to the activities performed. It is also important to be honest with other market participants.

Running a business - other duties

The owner of the company must respect the conditions of running a business, which include - apart from the above-mentioned - also regulations on protection against threats to human health, life and public morals. Responsible business activity also involves taking care of the natural environment. The obligations described in this paragraph can be found in Art. 18 of the Act on the freedom of economic activity.