Sweating feet - how to deal with the problem?

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Sweating feet is very uncomfortable. People who suffer from them are often ashamed, do not take off their shoes and I feel bad about it. In this condition, however, there is nothing surprising, because there are a lot of sweat glands in this part of the body. When your foot overheats, it releases sweat - this is a natural body response, and if it does occur, it's really not worth worrying about. However, the problem is excessive secretion and its effect - an unpleasant smell. How to deal with it?

Sweating feet - find the cause

If we feel that sweating is too intense and makes us uncomfortable, the first thing to do is find the cause of the problem. Only then can we take further steps to combat the ailments. Sweating feet is usually a normal reaction to overheating. However, this condition can be caused by many other factors, such as heat, inadequate material of socks and shoes, inadequate diet (including the use of hot spices), drinking alcohol, menopause, medication or illness. The tendency to sweat excessively can also be congenital.

However, sweating is not enough, as it is often associated with an unpleasant smell. It usually appears by bacteria that grow in our footwear. They contribute to even greater discomfort. In addition to taking care of the feet, let's also remember about taking care of the shoes!

Sweating feet - how to fight it?

If we suffer from sweating feet, first of all, remember about proper hygiene and care. You should wash your feet in lukewarm water every day. Lower temperatures will cause your blood vessels to narrow and your sweat glands to slow down. You can add essential oils to the water, 2 bags of black tea or a little salt and wet your feet a bit. It is also worth remembering about removing dead skin. Foot graters, which are available in many forms, are ideal for this purpose. Feet should be thoroughly wiped with a towel after bathing, remembering about the skin between the toes, which is often overlooked. The next step should be to use a cream that neutralizes the smell, prevents sweating and moisturizes. It is also worth using masks from time to time.

If your legs are sweating, it is important to pay attention to the material from which your socks and shoes are made. They should be airy and as natural as possible. It is also worth thinking about natural shoe insoles. Also, do not allow damp shoes to be worn - they must be thoroughly dried after each use. We should pay special attention to this if we are physically active. Your whole body sweats during exercise, so it's no wonder your feet also sweat. It is very intense, so it is important to wear appropriate, airy clothing. Its elements should be made of good materials. Sometimes it is worth paying more and buying something that will really make physical activity not only associated with a wet, not completely smelling body.

Another way to get rid of excessive sweating is to make a ginger root paste and use it as a mask.

If none of these methods helps, we have already used everything and the trouble is still with us, we should see a doctor. It will help us find the cause and eliminate the problem.