Planning your own career - How to arouse the interest of the employer? (part 7)

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What to do for the employer to choose us in the recruitment process? How to prepare your application documents well and be successful during an interview? Check how to arouse the interest of the employer!

How we present ourselves during a few moments of an interview may affect the next few years of our life or even our entire professional career. In this case, it does not need to be emphasized that it is worth preparing for it properly. Where to find a good job advertisement, how to send an interesting answer and convince yourself during a face-to-face interview? About it below.

Job search sources - what does active job search mean?

To get a good job you have to get one. It is very rarely possible without actively searching. If finding a new job is our priority, we should help ourselves. Do you have a dream employer you would like to work for or an industry in which you feel like a fish in the water? Stay updated! Visit websites of certain brands and check job advertisements. How did you find out that a given company will be looking for an employee in the near future? Send your CV before the advertisement in this matter is published. Nobody will also prohibit you from sending your applications to well-known companies operating in your decent industry, which are not currently recruiting - and what if they will be interested in your proposal? Do you have an idea for improvement in a selected company? Don't be afraid to call or write to her and propose it. Always stay one step ahead.

Application documents, or how to arouse the interest of the employer

Curriculum vitae is our showcase in the world of employers. So let it be polished down to the smallest detail. In addition to the basic things that we should not forget (transparency, appropriate language, attention to spelling and form or the appropriate file format), it is worth taking care of something that will distinguish us from the competition. Recruiters see several hundred application documents a day - this is their job and in order to get through to them with your message, our CV should not be like the other dozen. Depending on the industry and position, try to distinguish your document so that it is not rejected during the first selection. Maybe a creative cover letter? Maybe you have any unusual interests that you would like to show off? Everything may turn out to be important - so fill in the document with great care and attention. If you care about a particular position, sometimes it is also worth writing a new CV tailored to a specific advertisement.

Job interview - how not to be surprised?

It is a good idea to do some good research before the interview. Basic awareness of what a given company does, what market it operates on or what its competition is, are the issues that you will certainly be asked about. The day before the recruitment meeting, it is also good to remember all the things that we emphasized in our CV and practice the answers to the most frequently asked questions. There is nothing that discourages recruiters as much as the lack of coincidence between the information about the candidate in the CV and the reality. On the day of the interview, it is worth taking care of the lack of unnecessary stress. Make sure you arrive on time. Ideally, we arrive at the meeting point approximately 20 minutes before the meeting. During this time, instead of nervously looking for a parking space or the right floor of the building, we will have time to cool down after the trip and collect our thoughts before the conversation.

Work and pay negotiations - who buys whom?

Has become! You just hung up your phone after an interview in which you found out that you have received a new job. During this time, you have probably learned from when you can be hired and for what period, what activities you have to do before hiring and most importantly, how much you will earn. Some of these things do not fully convince you and are you in doubt? Don't be afraid to ask. Each company has a specific budget for a given employee. It's not that the proposed offer is final - just like in business, so it's always worth negotiating. However, it's important to do it the right way and not overdo it. A three-month trial period is the time for the employer to evaluate the employee. If we prove ourselves during this time, perhaps the right time to fight for higher earnings will be the moment of extending the contract? While at the time of the recruitment, several candidates participated in it next to us and in the event of disagreement with you, the employer may call them, so after three months it may turn out to be impossible. It is worth thinking about it and waiting, and during the trial contract, prove that the choice of our candidacy was right.

Getting an employer interested in our person does not have to be difficult. If we meet a few important issues, our application may be so favorable compared to the others that frequent calls with invitations to subsequent interviews will become our daily bread. Later everything will depend only on us.