PIT-11 - sending the declaration and binding deadlines


Tax settlements, information documents and other official formalities made by traditional mail are a thing of the past. Employers are required to submit a PIT-11 declaration in electronic form to the tax office. Find out what PIT-11 is and when it should be submitted!

Income tax in Poland

Every natural person who earns income from business activity, full-time employment or civil law contracts is required to pay income tax. It is one of the main sources of financing for the state budget. It is worth noting that the income is PLN 8,000. in the form of taxation according to general rules, it is the so-called tax-free amount that is included in your final annual tax return. Income from employment or civil law contracts is taxed ex officio on general principles, while in the case of business activity, the entrepreneur has the option of choosing it.

People whose income did not exceed PLN 8,000. in a given year, however, they are not exempt from the obligation to submit an annual tax return (PIT-37 or PIT-36 when a full-time and business activity is conducted) - regardless of the exemption from paying income tax, you still have to settle accounts with the office on the appropriate form.

What is PIT-11 used for?

The PIT-11 form provides information on the amount of the employee's income and advances collected in a given tax year. It is issued by the employer and, importantly, this document goes both to the employee's hands and to his tax office. On the basis of the PIT-11 received, taxpayers are able to make a correct annual settlement.

Deadlines for submitting PIT-11

Employers should submit PIT-11 to the tax office in electronic form by the last day of January. If these days fall on the weekend, the deadline for submitting the PIT-11 declaration is moved to the first working day following the applicable deadline. In 2021, this date is February 1.

On the other hand, the deadline for submitting the PIT-11 declaration to the taxpayer (employee) is invariably the last day of February. PIT-11 may be provided to the employee in electronic or paper form (in person or via post). Confirmed receipt of PIT-11 by the employee along with the generated document should be kept in the company's documentation.

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PIT-11 shipment via the e-Deklaracje system

The e-Deklaracje system launched by the Ministry of Finance is used to send PIT-11 declarations. The condition is one-time submission of the UPL-1 form. It is a power of attorney to sign a declaration submitted by means of electronic communication with the use of an electronic signature verified with a valid qualified certificate.

By sending PIT-11 via the Internet, payers receive a confirmation that the document has been correctly submitted. This is called Official Receipt Certificate (UPO), which should be kept for evidence purposes.

PIT-11 shipment from the wfirma.pl system

You can also send your PIT-11 quickly and easily using the wFirma.pl system. To do this, go to the tab:

  • PERSONNEL »EMPLOYEES in the details of the employee, in the tab DECLARATIONS» ADD DECLARATIONS

The generated declaration can be sent to the tax office by selecting it in the PERSONNEL »DECLARATIONS tab and select the SEND / EXPORT» SEND TO US OR ZUS option from the top menu.

Declarations can be sent with the revenue amount without the need to have an electronic signature.

After the shipment is made and its receipt is confirmed, the UPO (Official Receipt Certificate) can be downloaded and stored in the company documentation for evidence purposes.

Modern online solutions enable the entrepreneur to quickly and efficiently fulfill his obligations towards the Tax Office and employees.