The first business of a young entrepreneur

Service Business

Every year, thousands of former students join the group of university graduates. A new stage in their lives begins. They have to make many serious decisions and think about what they will be doing in the near future. The biggest unknown and pain is related to the place of future employment. Basically, the choice is between deciding to find a job with the right company and starting your own business.

Taking up a satisfying full-time job is a time-consuming task. It requires a lot of perseverance, especially since the economic situation is not conducive to new mass employment. Therefore, maybe it is worth considering starting your own business?

At the outset, it is worth noting that creating and running a business is not an easier task than finding a full-time job and in this sense it should not be treated as an alternative. It is definitely more difficult and requires more commitment, especially in the first stage. But, on the other hand, it is associated with a vision of success and revenues that may even exceed a full-time salary several times.

The business idea is the most important. Ideally, it should be a passion of the future entrepreneur at the same time. Initially, finding a market niche seems problematic. However, a number of examples prove that it is possible. Young entrepreneurs have many original ideas that they successfully implement. So, as reality shows, it is not difficult to overcome the first obstacle. It is enough to have an idea and the will to put it into practice.

The decision to start building your own business has been made. An innovative idea has emerged and you can start working on a new business. But where to get the funds for the project implementation?

There are several ways to get support to finance the initial stage of building your own business. Of course, it goes without saying that it would be best to have your own money to invest. However, for most young entrepreneurs, this situation is just a dream. So what to choose?

Bank credit

The obligation to repay the loan, especially in the event of investment failure, effectively discourages young entrepreneurs from using the offer of a specific bank. In addition, even if the future businessman is determined to sign the appropriate contract, he still has to meet a number of requirements. That is why it is worth getting acquainted with the offers of all institutions. Banks prepare various proposals for their clients, trying to flexibly adapt to the needs of future entrepreneurs. It is possible, for example, not to pay ZUS contributions for a year, because the lender will regulate these dues under the contract.

Co-financing from the European Union funds

The activation of young people is an important issue for the authorities of the European Union. Cash is allocated for this purpose, which can be used to finance your own business. There are a number of programs available, so anyone applying for additional funding has a chance to fit in with the planned business. Of course, receiving a subsidy is subject to certain reservations. For example, it may turn out that the entrepreneur should come from a rural area or a small town or employ a certain number of employees. However, do not be discouraged as subsidies are also awarded to businessmen based in large cities who run a sole proprietorship. The received amount may be non-returnable or granted in the form of a loan on favorable terms. In addition, it may constitute all or part of the resources needed. Regardless of this, it is worth considering the presented possibility of obtaining additional funds, because after completing the appropriate applications, it is possible to receive money in 2013.


Business angels

Cooperation between young people who have an interesting idea for a business and investors who have the funds to finance it is becoming more and more popular. In return for a fixed proportion of the shares and profits, external monetary support can be obtained. Such help suggests that the business idea is innovative and that the whole venture has a chance to be successful. However, finding a patron who decides to support a young entrepreneur with advice and wallet is not so easy. In addition, before starting cooperation, an appropriate agreement should be signed that secures the interests of both parties.

On the way to success, a young entrepreneur must also face the obligation to report the will to run his own business in a number of offices and institutions. This occupation is usually time-consuming and involves additional costs. Intricate bureaucracy and a lack of understanding of the regulations lead directly to discouragement and abandonment of fighting with officials. Fortunately, support can be obtained, for example, in Business Incubators, which help with completing formalities and provide substantive advice.

The vision of success, gaining respect and money are just some of the arguments in favor of the decision to start your own enterprise. Not everyone will become Bill Gates, but some have a chance to make even such a brave dream come true. All you need is an interesting business idea, a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to work. After all, problems are there to be overcome.