Exotic fruits you must try

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Exotic fruits are becoming easier to buy in Polish stores. Of course, the offer is limited, but if we have such an opportunity, it is really worth trying.However, you should know that not all parts are edible. How To Eat Tropical Fruits And What To Avoid?

Exotic fruit is not always a problem

Mangoes or avocados are available in our country all year round and there are no major problems with their purchase. Maybe they will settle in with us like kiwi or pineapple, which are often no longer treated as exotic fruits? Mango is sweet, but has a slightly tart aftertaste. Preparation for consumption is very simple, just peel them or cut them and eat the pulp with a spoon. The only edible part of an avocado is the flesh around the large stone. The texture of the fruit resembles butter and has the aftertaste of walnuts. Perfect as a paste on a sandwich, addition to salads or ice cream.

Poisonous exotic fruit?

Cherymoja is a fruit with an unusual taste, comparable to a combination of mango, strawberry and pineapple. When consuming it, however, we must be aware that its seeds are poisonous! When eating this delicious exotic fruit, remember to avoid it. Carambola, on the other hand, looks really phenomenal because it resembles a star when cut. Although all parts are edible, the fruit is poisonous to people with kidney disease. It contains a neurotoxin that will only be filtered by a healthy body.

Exotic fruits with an attractive appearance

The salad sprinkled with pomegranates looks just beautiful. The red beans not only look good, but also taste good. Just cut the fruit in half and eat the ruby ​​inside. Tamarillo, which looks confusingly similar to… a tomato, is also interesting. It is not surprising, however, because they come from the same family. This exotic fruit is bittersweet and should be scalded and peeled before being eaten.

Confusingly similar exotic fruit

It is very easy to confuse lychee and rambutan. Both exotic fruits have a hard, slightly red skin, although in rambutan it is covered with a large number of long, hair-like spines. Just peel them, skip the stone and enjoy the pleasant, sweet taste.

Durian - an exotic fruit with a taste of ... garlic

Its smell resembles rotten onion and its flavor is a combination of garlic, almonds and cream. It is hard to deny that such an exotic fruit does not sound appealing. Nevertheless, durian is very popular and many people really love it. If we want to try it, just cut through the thick skin and eat the flesh. The seeds can be roasted, then they will taste like nuts.

Exotic fruits appear more and more often in Polish stores. Before we start trying these tropical flavors, however, it is worth checking that we are doing it correctly to make sure that we do not harm ourselves.