Outdoor as an effective form of advertising

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A form of marketing that can be found practically every step of the way after leaving home or workplace is outdoor advertising. Among the most commonly used tools, you can come across posters, billboards, leaflets, posters, shop windows and many others. Although reaching the customer using a visual medium is very effective, there are opinions that this form of advertising disfigures the surroundings of the city center.

Outdoor - outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home, along with the development of technology, began to be associated with large-format media placed in city centers. It is aimed mainly at people traveling on the streets, and its aim is not to convey as much information as possible, but to draw attention to a given product. It covers a wide range of available forms, from simple posters, billboards to large screens made in LED technology. Outdoor advertisements placed on buildings, stops and means of public transport (buses, trams) are of particular interest. It can be said that it has become an integral part of the landscape of the modern community.

The effectiveness of outdoor will be guaranteed when the visualization has as few words as possible and focuses on visual elements. Often it is enough to include one word (e.g. company name) against the background of interestingly arranged images for the brand to become recognizable. Importantly, the preparation of an external advertising campaign cannot be a coincidence, but should result from well-thought-out decisions. Particular attention should be paid to advertising slogans, and not to the appearance itself, because the essence of outdoor activities is, above all, to act in a hurry. A person walking the streets of the city very often literally briefly draws his attention to a given advertising element, therefore, most often he will only manage to remember a fragment of it.

Equally important is the issue of choosing the right colors, as well as choosing the right font. The colors on the ad should harmonize with each other and - above all - attract the attention of potential customers. The right combination of colors will make the advertisement noticeable and stand out from the others. The main assumptions about the font are its simplicity, clarity and readability.

Forms of outdoor advertising

Among the currently existing forms of outdoor advertising, the following can be mentioned:

  • posters, posters, billboards, poles,
  • citylights (illuminated boards at stops),
  • diapases (advertising boards supported on a metal-concrete structure, placed perpendicular to the direction of movement),
  • mobile (double-sided advertising board placed on the car trailer),
  • large-format advertising media (structures placed on the facades of the property),
  • backlight scrolls (scrolling advertising boards),
  • infoscreens (electronic screens emitting advertising spots).

As you can see, outdoor advertising can take various forms, and specialists dealing with their creation are increasingly outdoing each other in innovation. Specific information carriers are used, which act as stimuli on human senses (not only visual, but also smell - aromamarketing). However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that outdoor advertising cannot rely on the patterns already used, which have become widely known, because as a result it will become imperceptible.

Outdoor can be considered a non-standard marketing solution. The recipient of the advertisement is often unaware that he or she involuntarily meets it all the time. The advertising messages that appear almost everywhere work effectively on the customers' subconscious, thus increasing the recognition of a given brand.

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor

Outdoor advertising can undoubtedly be considered one of the most effective forms of communication used in marketing. Outdoor is very often treated as the main promotional tool in most companies. The main advantages of this solution are: emitted messages covering a wide range of recipients, long-term impact on potential customers (advertisements are visible practically around the clock) and low costs (using standard forms).

The simplicity of the message, which attracts the attention of even less perceptive recipients, also speaks in favor of using outdoor as the main form of promotion of your own company. This type of advertising is also ubiquitous (it can be placed almost anywhere), but - as in most cases - overdoing it can only do harm. Invasive outdoor advertisements, disfiguring the immediate environment of the recipients, interfering with the natural landscape may have negative effects. Examples include large-format advertisements placed on the facades of buildings, which in the opinion of most people are simply inappropriate.