Savings in the company - where to start?

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An old Polish proverb says: "a penny to a penny, and there will be a coconut." The global economic crisis initiated the fashion for saving. Preparations for the winter are back in favor, second-hand shops, events during which participants exchange used clothes and everyday equipment, and flea markets are popular. Consider whether your business is wasting money. Read and find out how to save wisely and where to look for savings in the company.

The most important thing in saving is the plan

First, think about where you are. Carefully analyze your company's expenses and revenues, make a table. On one side, put fixed costs, such as salaries for employees, renting an office; secondly, movable costs - fuel, bills, the cost of purchasing paper for printers, etc. Then set a goal, define how much and in what time you want to save. Make a saving plan. Write down new rules and familiarize the rest of the employees with them.

Turn off the light - save energy

Saving on the media sounds trivial, but we often do not realize how much water and electricity we waste. First, check your contracts with electricity and gas suppliers, you may be able to find a more advantageous offer. Second, optimize the use of office equipment. Turn off machines when they are not working, turn off lights, turn off water. During the heating period, do not make a sauna, use heating wisely. Similarly in summer - don't overdo air conditioning. Check windows and doors. If heat escapes through them, seal them for the winter, and in the long run consider replacing them. This will save you a lot in the long run.

Take care of your employees - don't save on them!

A well-earning, satisfied and developing employee is the company's greatest capital. Remember that. Do not save on employees by adding tasks, working overtime, understating wages - you will lose more in the long term.

Take care of the environment and save money

Invest in energy-saving technologies. Choose e-invoices. Reduce the consumption of office supplies. If you need to print something, do it on both sides. Use cheaper laser printers.

Phones and internet - reduce your bills

Choose the best offers. Many service providers offer special packages for companies, thanks to which you will reduce your phone bills.

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By the way, it is worth thinking about changing the conditions of using the Internet. Ask the supplier if he has any attractive promotion for you. Negotiate!

Move to the cloud

Instead of investing in expanding your own IT infrastructure, use cheaper and more efficient cloud computing technologies. There will be no costs of maintaining and operating your own server room.

Cooperate and save

If possible, establish cooperation with neighboring companies. Together, you can use group shopping options, make big purchases, share shipping costs and distribution channels.

Forewarned is forearmed

Insure office equipment. In the event of a breakdown, you will avoid high repair costs. Don't be put off by the fact that saving involves a lot of investments in the beginning. Act long term. Permanent change counts, not short-term profit. Radical cost cuts are often counterproductive. Be careful and don't panic.

Saving pays off!

The changes made will bear fruit if you take them seriously. It is not easy to get used to new solutions, but if you want to save, you have to be consistent. It is also important that employees know and understand the new rules. Talk to your team. Explain your vision. Introduce the goal. Perhaps the employees will give you more ideas. Their involvement will make saving more effective. You do not have to implement all the solutions at the same time - the gradual implementation of the next points of the savings plan may be gamified, which will make it more attractive and gentler. Remember that the savings discussed in the text are not caused by a sudden financial crisis in the company. Saving is a qualitative, well-thought-out change in enterprise management. When you achieve your goal, use your savings to grow your business.