Organization of the workplace - take control of your computer

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We spend a lot of time at the computer, often it is both our tool for work and entertainment. Certainly, it is much better and more efficient to use it when there is order and order, and we know exactly where to look for the necessary information. In addition, the computer, crowded with files and programs, not only looks like a trash, but also works much slower, and surely everyone is annoyed by even a second of delay. Therefore, it is worth spending more time organizing your computer. Such organization of the workplace will allow us to focus 100% on tasks and uninterrupted entertainment. Let's start!

Organization of the workplace - where to start?

At the beginning, it is worth reviewing your files and starting to think about which system will allow us to organize them best. It is also worth downloading files that are stored on other devices, and ultimately should be in the computer's memory. Thanks to this, we can deal with everything in one go.

It should be taken into account that such organization of the workplace and entertainment can be really time-consuming, so initially it is a good idea to plan its stages so that it does not turn out that for 2 hours we were looking at photos and reminiscing about old times, and the mess is what it was. still.

A piece of paper and a pen can be useful, on which already at the stage of browsing folders you can start planning a system that will best deal with everything that definitely needs to be put in order.

Where is the most messy place?

The desktop can be a cluster of everything unnecessary, collapsed to the limit of files, photos, programs that were to be on it only for a moment. When there is too little space, we usually put everything into a newly created folder called "desktop", "for review", "clutter", etc. Remember that creating new folders that give the impression of order does not mean that we will suddenly control the chaos - on the contrary. Over time, we will not be able to find anything we need at the moment.

Another clutter creator is naming files according to the principle: I will remember for sure if I wish. Thus, the important e-book is called "alalalalalalalalalbamba", and the photos from the cousin's wedding are called "photospictures123". When the moment comes when we need a specific file, all we have to do is tear our hair out and browse through all the folders that are usually named practically the same as the files, such as ASDFGHJK123.

Nothing is more difficult to organize your computer than the Downloads folder. Usually there is literally everything there, and there is nothing to dream about systematizing. Books, files, documents, movies, series, photos, programs ... everything you can dream about, in one place. Although it may sound tempting, unfortunately - in such a folder you usually find absolutely nothing.

Another place where clutter is almost always is when browsing tabs. Usually, we throw in every link that interests us, and then we never visit it again, and the list grows. In this mess, it is easy to lose something that we cared about.

You can also call an e-mail inbox without any exaggeration. It happens that we collect news in it for years and do not archive anything, we flood the place with newsletters that we do not even open and notifications from hundreds of other sites that we have never looked at.

Where do we go wrong?

One of the biggest mistakes is not backing up important files. The computer can be unreliable and can break down at any time, and with it the data that we may not be able to recover will be lost. That is why archiving is important - on external devices or in data clouds. Thanks to this, we can be sure that we will gain access to data no matter what happens to the hardware.

Step-by-step organization of the workplace

We've already looked at the folders, figured out a system for naming files and organizing folders, backed up what was most important. What's next? The organization of the workplace should begin with organizing the desktop. Only the most important icons should remain on it, e.g. shortcuts to programs that we use very often and access from this place is simply the most convenient. The right wallpaper can also help you organize your desktop.We can create minimalist graphics in which we highlight individual areas of our work, set it as the background and move the icons to appropriate places.

Next, let's deal with the folder where the files we download are being downloaded. We will group them, let's throw away what we will definitely no longer need, let's carefully look at everything, let's get rid of duplicates.

Let's create a folder system that will be intuitive and make each file find its place. Let's get rid of folders like "miscellaneous", "everything", "all the rest". Let's catalog each thing carefully. It is really useful when we need something "just for now". Let's try to make things consistent. If we save the dates starting with the month, do not start with the year in the next subfolder. Thanks to this, we will most likely be able to control the files.

Often times, the photos are also very messy. We have to get really ruthless when organizing a computer. Distorted image, blurry photos, 50 shots almost the same - it's really worth getting rid of it and not taking into account the sentiment. Remember that 30 good photos will bring back the same memories as 234 bad ones - so if there will be no difference, it is not worth taking up so much space.

The computer is also cluttered with unnecessary programs that we have not used for months. If that is the case, we probably don't need them and can therefore be uninstalled. If we do not know what some of them are for, ask someone who knows about them or just look for information on the Internet.

Get organized on-line

Order in your computer is also order in your browser - check the tabs and delete everything you don't look at anymore. Organize the rest, create subfolders that will tell you immediately what you find inside. From time to time, review newly added links and verify them.

If you want to bookmark an article that, for example, you don't have time to read at the moment, you might want to think about a Pocket application that will collect such links for later, or a blog and online reader such as Feedly. So you will have everything you need close at hand.

Also control Facebook likes and people you follow on other websites. Thanks to this, you can get rid of what is no longer updated or simply doesn't interest you anymore.

Organization of the workplace - be consistent

Suppose you finally got your computer under control. But will it not be the same again in two weeks? Try to get into the habit of cataloging all the files you download right away, set a time in the week to empty the trash, look at the tabs and articles left for later. Be consistent and systematic. Thanks to this, everything on the computer will find its place, and you will not have any problems with organization anymore. As you can see, the organization of the workplace is nothing difficult, so let's get to work.