Website description - how to optimize for SEO?

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Did you set competing keywords, took care of placing links to your site on other sites, and yet you still think that its positioning is not effective? This is a sign that you should optimize your website for search engines. Take care of the description of the website, its title and URL address. We'll tell you how to do it!

SEO optimization of the website

Success in positioning is not only a skillful selection of keywords, but a series of activities that must be subjected to your website. An important step is to optimize it in terms of SEO. What does this optimization consist of? There are several factors - website description, URL address and page title, which are displayed in search results. In the further part of the text, we will try to discuss how to change each of the above-mentioned elements to improve positioning.

Website description - what should you know?

A meta description is a short text that appears in search results just below the title and URL of the page. Its main task is to inform users and web crawlers about what is on the website or what it concerns. A good description of the website allows you to attract users and thus increase the CTR (Click Through Rate), which is the number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times the ad is displayed. The result is expressed as a percentage.

First of all, it is important that the description of the website, also known as the meta description, refers clearly to the content of the page. It should briefly describe the profile of your website, the main content on it, but most of all it should interest the internet user and attract his attention. Avoid long, uninformative descriptions in the meta description. It has to be specific, succinct and concise.

How long should the website description be? Most often, specialists say that it should not be longer than 150-170 characters. However, it is not always necessary to stick to the principle of "the shorter the better". Sometimes it is more effective to convince an internet user to visit your website in 120 than in 50 characters. However, it is worth remembering not to overdo it the other way - the meta description is not intended to present the entire content of the page, but only to signal what is important on it.

Site url - don't skip it!

We now take a look at two other items that appear as a result of the search. At the beginning we mentioned the meta description, now it's time to do what is above - URL address and page title. Let's start with the frequently overlooked ad line with the URL. The best URL address is one that contains information about the subject of the page it leads to, e.g. http: // sklepzherbatami / green / leafy.

This is an additional tip for network robots. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the address is short (max. 100 characters) and does not contain Polish diacritics or special characters. Too long URLs and those filled with special characters adversely affect positioning.

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Page title - what should it be?

The page title that appears in the search engine results is extremely important - both for Internet users and in terms of SEO. First of all, a significant part of the search engine users make a choice by clicking on the title of a given advertisement. In addition, the content of the title is an important factor in determining the subject of the page and thus influences positioning.

How do I improve the page title? First, put your keyword in it - preferably at the beginning. It is important that it is a word thematically related to the content of the page. Second - it's a good idea to include your company name (if you run one) along with your location.

Example 1.

The company that sells furniture in Warsaw is called Meblowo. The title of the home page may be "Furniture store Meblowo Warszawa" or "Sale of furniture in Warsaw Meblowo". The title of the subpage devoted to bent furniture is "Furniture bentwood Warsaw", dedicated to wooden beds - "Wooden beds Meblowo Warszawa", folding tables - "Folding tables Meblowo Warsaw".

You should fit the title in about 55 characters - it cannot be wider than 512 px. You can change the title changes in the HTML code behind the tag. Remember that your page title in the search engine must be unique!

How can I check if my website has been optimized?

Special programs or plugins included with browsers, such as SeoQuake or Seoptimer, will help you to check website optimization. These tools are easy to use and allow you to show which page elements still need to be optimized. Thanks to them, you can also make the necessary changes quickly.