Opinions about products in the online store - how to get valuable?

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When buying products in a given online store, many customers wonder for a long time whether a given company is trustworthy and whether they will not fall victim to fraud. In a stationary store, we have the opportunity to talk to the seller, take a closer look at the products, and sometimes even try them out. When shopping online, unfortunately, we have limited possibilities, therefore, you need to have an idea and at the same time a very strong force to convince the customer. Many entrepreneurs take advantage of everything that the current advertising and marketing market has to offer, and you don't have to go far. Product reviews can be more effective advertising than the thousands of banners circulating on the Internet.

However, there are still companies that are afraid of customers' opinions and thus do not allow them to comment on their online store and purchased products. Where is the problem? Is it a fear of negative comments? Or maybe they have something to hide? There can be many reasons, but self-confidence and the ability to critically evaluate themselves are very desirable features in e-commerce. You have to reckon with the fact that not everyone will like our offer. One customer focuses on good service and product quality, another may look for cheap goods. There is no offer for everyone, which you should be aware of, so that the online sales industry does not squeeze our last strength and all energy.

Opinions of others - do you take them into account? Do you think like your client?

Already over 75% of users admit that when choosing an online store, they are based on the opinions posted on the website. They are therefore a driving force for new customers to purchase goods. It rarely happens that we are 100% sure of our purchase, most often we have numerous doubts that force us to seek answers to questions that haunt us. The source of such knowledge are the opinions and testimonials issued by our consumers. Ratings and recommendations are an objective advertisement for your company. They contain positive and negative features about the store, and you will not create an advertisement that will talk about the faults of your products. Nothing is perfect, each has good and bad sides. You just need to make sure that you have more advantages than the competition. Not only the opinions themselves, but also their number matters, the more of them, the better. It proves a great interest in a given product, which affects the customer like the message: "Others have it, so me too". We see here that even users can create a good and effective advertisement for us.

Encourage, mobilize and share - get feedback

The option to add feedback on the website must be visible and well marked. Sometimes the customer may not think to write his opinion about the purchased goods. Give him that idea and encourage him to express his opinion. You will show that you are confident in your products, you are not afraid of evaluating others and you are critical of any activities you perform.

How to add opinions?

  • The customer can do this through the feedback form that you will place on the e-shop website.
  • It's a good idea to advertise your opinion base on your home page. Every user who appears on your website will be able to read what your customers think about you, your company and your products from the very beginning.
  • By sending out newsletters, you can also mobilize Internet users to contribute to your website. A direct message sent to specific people guarantees that it has successfully reached the recipient. This can be done after each purchase made by the customer.

Any feedback before it gets shared on the site should go through your hands. Why? Not to do a selection by removing those comments that are negative and show flaws in your product or inadequacies in customer service. The main point is that some of the published opinions may be of little value or will not provide important and specific information. Comments like "great", "cool", "ok" will not be valuable to Internet users who are looking for content based on specific facts.

Valuable opinions about products immediately

Initially, it is not easy to obtain valuable opinions, but in our society many people imitate their predecessors. If someone has added a comment criticizing the product you've purchased and thus provided valuable information to your new customers, the rest will follow suit. It is good to get opinions and recommendations from specialists and people who know the industry. Such a person inspires trust and respect. "If he thinks so, it means he is," many will think. However, it cannot be a very idealized opinion, because it will become unnatural, which can be easily picked up. You have to trust a specialist here and give him some freedom to express his opinion, while emphasizing that honesty and his critical view are what counts for you.

Another way to obtain an honest opinion of customers is the possibility of testing a specific product by them. However, this is only a solution for those companies that have sufficient budget to cover the costs of shipping the goods to customers and the product itself. It should be emphasized, however, that it will only be sent to the user if he assures you that he has provided a valuable review. You can use an Internet contract here, as often trust alone may not be enough.

Competitions are very stimulating to action and encourage us to undertake tasks that we would not do of our own free will. Once a month, you can organize contests for the most interesting comments or opinions issued by users. Of course, the winning person must receive a gift. It can be, for example, one of your products or a gadget bag with the company's logo.

Visible opinions of the product increase its sales

The mere issuance of an opinion by the client will not bring the quick and desired results. After all, you are trying to get more and more comments and references for some purpose. Therefore, they must be visible to your customers so that everyone can access and see them. Place your users' opinions and ratings under each product. It is also good to take the averages from the ratings given and present them in the form of diagrams in the product tab. Also, be sure to include the option to sort reviews by date and ascending or descending grade. The most interesting and valuable can be distinguished so that others can access them without developing the whole.

Our clients' opinions are a source of knowledge both for us as a company and for our potential clients. If we learn to use it well, we can make full use of it. Thanks to this, we are able to constantly improve, change and adapt to the needs and preferences of our target group. Internet users who do not know the company and have no experience related to it, get to know it quickly by reading the opinions of people using our offer.

Let us not be afraid of criticism, let us not limit ourselves to comments and evaluation of others, be brave and self-confident, and our company may gain recognition among a wider group of consumers.