Omnichannel among clothing brands - a trend, or maybe already a routine?

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Online or offline - how do Poles buy? If you want to be successful in sales, you must not only start thinking about it, but also implement omnichannel, i.e. the integration of multiple sales channels. Today, the conscious consumer expects the same functions in every channel and on every device he makes purchases on. What challenges does the clothing brand face? The results of the report are presented below Omnichannel of clothing brands prepared by IRCenter together with the LeadR company.

The report presents the main challenges in multi-channel sales on the example of the largest brands known primarily from stationary stores. The study was conducted on a group of 1,792 brand users.

The most important elements in thinking about omnichannel

When do consumers choose online and when do they shop offline? In various categories, they indicated other factors that affect the choice of the channel. In the case of e-commerce, the decisive factor was the lower price.

We choose the Internet as a sales channel not only because of the lower price, but also because it saves time, which is crucial for clothing brands. Internet users know well what they are buying, because they know it from the physical point of sale, but they prefer to buy online because it is faster and cheaper.


According to the report, as many as 96% of buyers on official websites use mailings from fashion brands. Mailings inform not only about new products in the assortment in the physical store, but also contribute to the increase in visits to the website.

Shopping paths

For clothing brands, offline shopping is best for spontaneous purchases. At the same time, the decision to visit the "stationary" could have been influenced by an earlier visit to the store or the newsletter received. Online shopping is more thoughtful, preceded by searching for products in various places on the web. According to omnichannel experts, it is necessary to map customer behavior paths and identify those that bring the greatest profits and those with the greatest potential.

Touchpoints matter in omnichannel

Ads in different places influence your choice of paths. In the clothing category, the shop display is indicated as the most remembered type of advertising.It affects both online and offline purchases, with as many as 50% of respondents indicating this type of advertising as the key one when shopping in a stationary store. For online shopping, the most important advertising is the product information on the company's website. The newsletter sent by brands was ranked second.

CRM and email list

One of the most important elements in creating an omnichannel system are CRM and an e-mailing list. It's a good idea to build an online customer database - even if your brand doesn't sell directly to end customers. Clothing brand mailings affect the customer's return to the store's website and re-visiting the stationary point of sale.

Omnichannel and customer satisfaction

It is also important to assess the quality of the purchasing process by the customer. The satisfaction of customers of clothing brands is mainly influenced by:

  • compliance of the ordered products with the description on the website and the packaging of the shipment - online shopping

  • cleanliness and order in the store - offline shopping

Do you want to be successful in trading? Start implementing omnichannel!

The integration of multiple sales channels will allow for interaction with the consumer and make our brand more accessible to him. The movement from brick-and-mortar shopping towards online has slowed down in recent years, which is why omnichannel has a chance to revive both traditional (brick-and-mortar stores) and online sales channels.

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