Handling payments for taxes, invoices, bills and on-line policies

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Challenge or Solution?

Electronic payments are of interest not only to online stores. Mass invoice issuers, i.e. various institutions, City Halls or even insurance companies, are increasingly implementing such services to meet the needs of their customers, but also to improve internal processes.

Payment recipients, such as energy suppliers, city offices or insurers, usually use banking systems, thanks to which they can accept payments to virtual accounts or sub-accounts dedicated to their clients or subscribers. Electronic payment operators, such as Dotpay, not only support such solutions, but also offer additional functionalities that allow you to freely dispose of the funds collected.

For example, thanks to the masscollect functionality provided by Dotpay, payments from subscribers can be automatically directed for posting and payment to a virtual bank account number dedicated to this subscriber. This solution allows you to automate the accounting process while maintaining the standards of the speed of handling instant Pay by Link transactions. It combines the advantages of both for Payers (the ability to make quick payments from any place and device) and recipients (full automation of the process).

However, this is not all that such entities can gain. Some online payment operators give them more. For example, the ability to automatically generate payment links for a specific amount and insert them into invoices for customers. The use of this solution makes it possible to send the client an invoice with a sewn-in payment link via Dotpay or to insert a payment link directly in an e-mail or even in an SMS sent to the client. This significantly speeds up the time of making a payment and enables efficient payment processing also in the area of ​​m-commerce. Deposits can be made from any device, i.e. from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, all you need is Internet access.In addition, the payment process itself is always just as easy and convenient, regardless of the device on which it is carried out.

Enabling the customer to make quick online payments not only for purchases in the e-shop, but also for bills or taxes increases his comfort, saves time and definitely affects the image of the institution that is the recipient of the payment. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that such a solution ensures that the payment will be made on time. No need to stand in line at the post office or bank window.

Today, online payments are associated not only with websites and online stores. Various institutions keep up with the times and enable quick transfers, and all entities involved in the process benefit from this, from the payer, subscriber or customer, to the electricity supplier, tax recipient or insurer. The only condition is that these institutions have implemented solutions provided by such e-business electronic payment operators as the already mentioned Dotpay.

Ewelina Jurczak, Dotpay.pl