Do NOT talk about it at work, what topics should you avoid?

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For the average person, work is a place where he spends about ⅓ of a normal working day. 40 hours a week is not a small amount, so it is not surprising that close relationships are often established between employees. And that's good - satisfied staff creates a good atmosphere at work. However, it is worth remembering that friends from work are a specific company in which certain topics should not be discussed. Love, religion and money - DO NOT talk about this at work!

What shapes your worldview

Worldview discussions are usually extremely interesting and engaging, especially if both sides have a lot to say on a given topic. Religion and politics are the most adrenaline-inspiring topics. Additionally - the most forbidden topics.

Why? Both politics and religion are deeply held beliefs for most people that they identify with and are willing to defend. Most often, entire ethical and moral systems are based on them. At the same time, however, these issues are so contentious that it is difficult to predict whether the exchange of views will turn into a religious or political conflict. Work, on the other hand, is not a suitable place for conflicts or for trying to educate another person, because "he does not see that he is wrong and only my political party is okay." In addition, it happens that the views of one political faction or religious faction are contradictory to others, and an attempt to push through them may offend a co-worker or contractor.

Therefore, avoiding religious and political topics in the company is not a requirement of political correctness, which is loud in the media and being careful at every step, so as not to offend a minority by accident. It is about maintaining a good atmosphere and not having conflicts which, as can be seen from history, do not lead to anything good (see: crusades).

Love story - less and more spicy

Relationship problems or erotic conquests? It may seem that a good colleague or colleague will understand, help or express their appreciation. Perhaps it will be so, but you should not try anyway.

The topics of love, relationships, and sex are not the best ideas for a chat at work. First of all, these are particularly personal matters, not indicated on official grounds (which the work definitely is). Thus, taking up such topics is simply forbidden by the company's savoir-vivre. In addition, a colleague may also feel uncomfortable with a conversation like this, not be so open-minded or simply not want to hear about such things from someone who may and does not want to enter into a closer relationship at work.

And what is very important - even in a friendly, small work environment, every specialist wants to be a professional - and also wants to be perceived as such. Unfortunately - more or less spicy love stories are by no means professional.

Gossip, gossip

Daily coffee meetings with a selected friend who has interesting "thoughts" about other friends? This is not the best idea for a company break. Rumors can be harmful anywhere, and especially within a company. Why?

Facts about others, passed from mouth to mouth like a deaf phone, most often eventually turn into highly colored stories in which only the proverbial grain is real. First of all, they can hurt the person they concern if they get to them or if the whole team is distant towards them. Secondly, rumors often come to light with the author, and then really serious conflicts can arise. There is also no need to explain what the conflict arising from the rumor about the superior may end up with ...

Money - don't talk about it at work

Complaining about financial problems is the national sport of Poles. This topic appears frequently in the media, debates and ordinary interpersonal conversations. However, he is extremely dangerous on an interpersonal basis - in the company even doubly.

Therefore, first of all, it is considered very rude to ask about the earnings and financial condition of other people. You can be curious about it, but an adult should be able to restrain such curiosity - others may not want to talk about a loan taken in francs or about a large inheritance from a distant uncle.

Secondly - conversations in the company about the amount of salary, financial problems, commenting on bonuses or increases are not well perceived. If an employee feels that they deserve a raise or a bonus and believes that they have specific arguments to support this thesis, they can go straight to the supervisor. However, if the boss hears or learns that his subordinate speaks in this way on the forum, he certainly will not consider it a positive openness to people and flexibility. Rather - for the reason to issue the notice.

Do not say anything?

On the basis of the above, it would seem that a good strategy in the workplace is to only say "good morning" and "goodbye". Of course - that's not the point.

Keeping in touch with co-workers is very important, and talking is one of the best tools for building them. The point is that the topics discussed should be relatively neutral and those in which even different opinions will not lead to a conflict. In addition to corporate topics - projects, events, plans - it is worth talking about cultural events, sports, music, movies, books, motorization or even banal weather. Complain about public transport and queues in shops. Tell about a successful purchase. Such ordinary, everyday topics will allow you to feel good in the company, without arousing extreme emotions.