A new system for the cancellation of payment cards


Probably many people had to face the situation of losing or theft of a payment card in their life. Then it is important to keep a cool head and to reserve such a document immediately. To do it quickly, it is worth having a phone number saved in your phone or remembering the emergency number for payment cards: (+48) 828 828 828. See what the payment card cancellation system is.

Card Blocking System

The Card Blocking System, because this is the case in question, was established on the basis of agreements concluded by the Polish Bank Association with other banks. Official support in this matter was also provided by the National Bank of Poland.

This system allows you to quickly block a payment card - you do not need to know the phone number of the bank where the lost payment instrument was issued.

The platform complements traditional bank hotlines and is an ideal tool for those who do not remember the phone number of their financial institution.

The operator of the Card Blocking System is the aforementioned Polish Bank Association. The partners of the System include MasterCard, Visa and Exatel.

How it's working?

The basis for the smooth operation of this platform is an automated IVR hotline based on voice recognition technology, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In practice, the person, by indicating the name of the appropriate bank, will be redirected to the hotline of the selected branch. The system will not ask questions related to personal data such as PESEL number, etc.

However, providing this type of information may already be necessary when initiating a specific procedure for blocking a payment card in a given bank.

From the information on the system's website (information from February 26, 2014, the official website of the project), it can be read that the service is free of charge.The user only bears the costs of the telephone connection - according to the table of his own telecommunications operator.

Importantly, in the event of loss of many payment cards from different banks, their holder may only restrict those issued by a given bank at one time. Therefore, in order to restrict the remaining ones, a call should be made again, in which the call will be redirected to other banks.

A significant number of institutions operating on the Polish market already support the new system of reservations. More banks successively join this platform.

Interesting information is that the Polish Bank Association plans to launch a helpline next year, which will allow not only the cancellation of payment cards, but also other documents.