The new tax portal is up and running!


The Internet is a treasury of knowledge, although not always fully proven. Taxpayers who are looking for information on the required fees or regulations are often not sure of the source from which they are drawing. The Ministry of Finance has therefore taken the matter into its own hands - a new tax portal is already operating on its website. What interesting can you find on it?

New tax portal - information and facilities for everyone

In the future, the new tax portal will be divided into two parts - public and individual, available after logging in. Currently, only the collective service is available on the MF portal - personal accounts are constantly being refined.

When entering the new tax portal, a taxpayer will first of all come across the well-known electronic declaration delivery system. You can find there both active forms that allow you to comprehensively settle accounts with the office via the network, and forms for printing. All of them have been provided with detailed instructions that allow you to navigate through the maze of regulations and declaration fields.

When it comes to the thicket of regulations, it is worth paying attention to the extensive knowledge base provided by the tax portal. The taxpayer can follow the tax laws and regulations along with the interpretation and up-to-date information on tax changes on the website. A wide base of individual and detailed interpretations, together with a search engine, also allows you to quickly get information on the problem that bothers us.

Additionally, the tax portal equips the taxpayer with useful tools. Here you can use calculators (eg PIT, VAT, salaries), a calendar with important tax deadlines, a search engine for public benefit organizations, or active EU VAT numbers.

An interesting idea that greatly facilitates work and encourages you to return to the tax portal is page personalization. After going to the editor, the taxpayer answers a few short questions - whether he is a natural person conducting business activity, not conducting business activity, or a legal person. Further questions depend on the first answer and include, inter alia, taxation method and VAT status. After the personalization is complete, the page will show signs next to the information that will potentially be of most interest to the user.

Individual account on the tax portal

Although currently the individual part of the tax portal is not yet available, it is already known approximately what will be obtained from it. The logged in user will have even more possibilities to submit and view the already sent declarations, or to receive letters and notifications. Thus, an individual account is intended to significantly simplify contact with tax authorities and minimize the number of formalities that must be completed in person.