Norway in the eyes of a tourist: places you must see

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According to many travelers, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country's fjords, lots of places worth visiting and the beauty of nature make this place attractive. If we can, we really should decide to go on such a trip. What do we absolutely need to see?

Norway: the magic of the capital

When planning a trip around Norway, you should definitely not miss visiting its capital. Oslo is an amazing place for history buffs, among others. We will find a lot of museums there, the exhibitions of which are simply amazing. A place worthy of attention is certainly the Viking Ship Museum, where we can see original boats from the 9th century and other items and vehicles belonging to these warriors. In turn, in the Akershus fortress, apart from the Royal Mausoleum, we can also find the Museum of the Resistance Movement and the Museum of the Armed Forces.

The last two places allow you to see memorabilia of the Norwegian partisans and learn about almost the entire history of the country's military. The Vigeland Park will certainly become an ideal place to relax in the fresh air. There are 212 sculptures made by Gustaw Vigeland and his assistants. The main point of this place is the largest of them, measuring over 17 meters. Visiting Oslo will make it easier to buy the Oslo Pass card, thanks to which we will significantly reduce costs and we will be able to use public transport for free.

Norway: fjords

Fjords are one of the most characteristic associations with Norway. So it's hard to ignore them in your plans. There are a lot of them in this country, besides, they are incredibly beautiful and usually easily accessible. The longest and deepest is the Sognefjord. It is located in the Sogn og Fjordane region and is really great for hiking. In addition to the architectural monuments, you can see several glacier tongues, for example, and some travel agencies also organize hiking tours there.

The village of Fjærland, in turn, is a real treat for book lovers, as there are several antiquities shops there. The fjord is so long that visiting each place thoroughly can take several days, which will certainly not be boring or monotonous. Kjeragbolten, a large boulder wedged in a fault between rocks, has also become extremely popular. It looks really amazing and the panorama from this height is breathtaking.

Norway: The Way of the Trolls

The Way of the Trolls is an extraordinary route. It consists of a dozen serpentines and the midwife is among the mountains, which makes it simply amazing from the vantage point. In addition, the most advanced part of the punk is located just above the abyss, so the impressions are indescribable. However, if just watching is not enough for us, it is worth going this way by car. During the route, we can admire not only beautiful peaks, but also a waterfall called the Seven Sisters. Certainly, this part of Norway brings a lot of adrenaline.

The described places are only a small part of what Norway offers us. It is worth going to this country, because we will certainly find something in it that will truly delight us and make it difficult for us to forget about this trip. You should plan your stay carefully so as not to miss anything that interests you. There is certainly no boredom in Norway!