Norway in the eyes of a tourist: Norwegian cuisine

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Norwegian cuisine is not very recognizable. In fact, few people who have never visited this country know what is a typical dish and what flavors are dominant. Although it is not as popular as Italian or French, Norwegian cuisine also deserves attention. If we are vacationing in this country, we should definitely try it. What will we eat in Norway?

Popular flavors of Norwegian cuisine

The main flavor in Norwegian cuisine is fish. The most popular of these are cod, salmon, herring and trout. Due to the Scandinavian climate, meals are usually quite simple, but filling and energizing. Norwegians don't use too many spices, probably because they discovered their use quite late. Potatoes with a small amount of vegetables are very often served with the fish. Norwegian cuisine also allows us to try more unusual dishes, consisting of whale, reindeer and seal meat.

Characteristic Norwegian cuisine

As already mentioned, fish are mainly eaten in Norway. They are prepared in almost any form, for example dried fish are popular - with or without salt. While in this country, it is definitely worth trying marinated salmon. This is one of the most characteristic dishes of Norwegian cuisine, which can be found under the name gravlax. If you are looking for a strong culinary experience, it is worth trying smalahove. However, not everyone will decide to do it, because then on our plate will appear… salted and smoked sheep's head. The view is quite extreme and deters many foreign tourists. In turn, reinsdyrstek is a reindeer cutlet, which is a very famous meat dish in this country.

Norwegian cuisine and coffee

Norwegians are coffee lovers. Due to the passion for dark, strong, good-tasting coffee, there are plenty of places where we can drink something really worthy of attention. Norwegian baristas prepare delicious coffee that is simply irresistible. There is even the idea that they should definitely not be asked for a decaffeinated drink. So if we love coffee, we have to try it in this country.

Forest fruits in Norwegian cuisine

In Norwegian cuisine, forest fruits are mainly added to desserts, and the most popular are blueberries, raspberries and cloudberries, i.e. a small orange raspberry. The latter is especially liked and used very often. Norway is a dessert paradise for everyone who likes this type of fruit.

Norwegian cuisine is really worth trying. Certainly, the dishes will saturate us and give us energy, and in addition, they will certainly taste great. During such holidays, we can eat something that we will definitely not find in our country and have an amazing culinary journey. All this will be wrapped in the aroma of delicious, real coffee, which is not worth denying yourself.