Norway as seen by a tourist: what do you need to know before you go?

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A trip to Norway will definitely be a great idea. The country is really beautiful and the nature is breathtaking. You can find interesting places and activities at any time of the year. However, it should be remembered that you need to be well prepared for the trip.

Documents necessary to enter Norway

When planning a vacation, first of all, check what documents we need to cross the border without any problems. In Norway, it will be a valid passport or ID card, because Polish citizens are bound by the rules of the European Union, the European Economic Area and the Schengen area. It is worth paying attention to the condition of your documents, because illegible data may prevent us from being admitted to the territory of this country.

Another very important element is the duration of your stay. If we go to Norway as a tourist, we can visit the country for a maximum of 3 months. Otherwise, a residence permit is required. Importantly, to enter this country, we do not need to have a specific, minimum amount of money, but you should know that having an amount over 25,000. The SAI must be reported to Customs.

By car through Norway

Trips with your own or rented car are certainly extremely convenient, so if you decide to drive a vehicle, it is worth getting acquainted with the road traffic regulations in force in Norway. First of all, we can use the Polish driving license without any problems. Complying with the rules will pay off because the fines are really high. For example, a fine for speeding may be as high as NOK 9,000, i.e. over 4,000. zloty! It is also not difficult to lose your driving license for driving too fast.

If we are going on a trip around Norway, we should know that the dipped headlights are to be on all year round. Children, including infants, must sit in specially adapted child seats, and all passengers must strictly adhere to the obligation to wear seat belts. During the winter, tires must be changed, otherwise the police may suspend driving until we comply with the regulations.

Norway - food and alcohol prices

There is a belief that Norway is an expensive country. First of all, we are dealing with a very rich country, and thus the prices are not low. The average Norwegian has high earnings, which are matched by the cost of all goods and services. What are the average prices of basic products?

  • bread - NOK 25 (approximately PLN 11)

  • eggs 10 pcs - NOK 26 (about PLN 12)

  • butter - NOK 20 (about PLN 9.30)

  • milk 1l - NOK 16 (about PLN 7.40)

  • water 1l - NOK 15 (approx. PLN 6.90)

  • ham 1kg - 200 NOK (approx. 92 PLN)

If during the holiday we feel like drinking alcohol, we will pay an average of NOK 25 (approx. PLN 12) for a beer, wine costs NOK 115 (approx. PLN 53) and vodka NOK 245 (approx. PLN 113). Cigarettes, on the other hand, cost around NOK 100 per packet (around PLN 46).

It is worth remembering that a week's stay in a hotel (a room for 2 people) is approx. 5,500,000. zloty. From the statistical point of view of a Pole, such prices are really high!

A trip to Norway: is it worth it?

It cannot be denied that Norway is an expensive country and the prices are really high, but if we do not really care about luxury, there are many opportunities for cheaper travel. We will certainly manage financially with a properly planned budget and nothing will disturb the admiration of the beauty of Norway. The weather plays tricks and even in summer we can get cold, but it is definitely worth visiting this country, because the views and experiences are unforgettable.

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