You're stressed? Learn about unusual ways to relieve stress

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Did the whole week at work give you a hard time? Do you need a break from everyday tables, charts and reports? The weekend is the perfect time when you can relax in an interesting way. We present unusual ways to relieve stress.

A barbecue with the family? Crazy party with friends? Or maybe the weekend in front of the TV? It's all been there! If you want to rest, put on something new that you will keep thinking about even during the working week, and maybe it will become your new hobby. You can spend time actively and interestingly, you just need to know what your options are.

Trampoline park

It is the perfect place to safely recover from the stresses of the week. More and more fashionable trampoline parks have appeared in our cities for several months. They are already in Gdańsk, Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław. Large-area halls fully equipped with professional trampolines allow you to use your energy in an interesting way. From now on, somersaults and flips will not be a threat to you, and in the air you will be able to do whatever you want with your body - without stress - you will always land softly.

This general development sport can be practiced by a person of any age, regardless of the level of fitness. A dozen or so minutes of jumping will guarantee oxygenation of the brain and muscles, better well-being and regulation of metabolism, and above all will ensure a good mood. Do you prefer other ways to relieve stress?

Parachute jump

Are jumping in the trampoline park too boring for you? You don't like restrictions and prefer to do something crazy? An interesting alternative for you can therefore be a parachute jump. Do you think that only qualified people can do it, after many hours of training? Nothing could be more wrong - almost everyone can jump with a parachute. On the outskirts of larger cities, there are aeroclubs, which allow a one-time tandem jump from a predetermined amount for a fee (from 500 to 900 PLN). Free falling from a few kilometers above the ground can let you forget about your work and everyday stress for a while. If you are not afraid of heights, it is worth investing in such an attraction at least once in your life.

Logic rooms as a way to relieve stress

Does your job involve sitting in front of the computer every day and managing data in Excel? Do you think it limits your creativity and you can do better? Open your mind for the weekend! Logic rooms, in which the task is to solve a puzzle with the help of props, rebuses and puzzles, will allow you to put out to the sea of ​​creativity and show spontaneity and cleverness.

Rooms are created according to predetermined themes (for example, discovering the author of a murder, unraveling a given puzzle or even trying to free himself from the room), so everyone should find something for themselves. You can also invite your friends to participate - usually in the rooms you can work in small groups of 4-6 people. Prices start from PLN 35 per person.

Interactive theaters

Do you associate a theatrical performance with snobbish meetings in gala attire? You are wrong! Nowadays, theaters compete in more and more creative ideas of reaching their audiences. The most interesting are the so-called interactive theaters, in which we - as viewers - have the chance to participate live. Gather a group of friends who will take part in the performance and become living props of professional actors. You will become part of the show that will be performed exclusively for your group. It will be an incredible experience at a low price that you will surely remember for many weeks.

Ways to relieve stress - stop being single!

You get up for work at 6 a.m., finish it well after 4 p.m., and adding to that the gym, regular runs, occasional shopping and post-graduate studies, is your heart life one big drama? Change it! Nowadays, in addition to the famous apps and websites that make it possible for you, there are also special meetings for singles, the so-called "date of date". Only the number of people specified by the organizers may apply to participate in one meeting. They all get together in one place, such as a restaurant, and start chatting with each other.

However, these calls are not ordinary, each person can spend only 7 minutes on the other person, and then change to the next one. When everyone has already talked with the other participants, they answer the questionnaire who they like. Then the organizers - after analyzing the results - allow those who have indicated each other to receive a telephone number to their chosen one.

In a week that lasts only seven days, we spend over 70% of our time at work. We are lucky if it develops and we like it. However, it often happens that work is, unfortunately, a sad duty for us. In this case, it is worth using every moment to rest in an interesting and creative way. Pizza in front of the TV at that time let's say a definite "NO!".